The Scorpion

October 24 to November 22



Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Healing With The Fairies

Oracle Deck


Environmental Awareness

Mother Earth needs your nurturing spirit to help her heal from what humankind has done to her.  As you spend more time outdoors with your nature angels, you will feel and act on divine inspiration that shows you how you can make a major contribution to heal Mother Earth’s wounds.  Your contributions may include picking up trash, being part of an environmental protection group, helping plant trees or simply growing your own vegetables and flowers.  Anything that you can do to help our environment is appreciated by Mother Earth.


Affirmation: It feels wonderful to help nurture and care for Mother Earth, and when I nurture Mother Earth—I nurture myself.



It is time to start a daily Mirror Therapy practice.  Have you stepped back lately and looked in the mirror with the expressed intent to recognize and celebrate the beauty inside yourself?  Your angels love many, many things about you and now it is time to remind yourself how beautiful you are inside-and-out.  Starting today, your angels want you to take a few moments each day expressing and affirming all of your positive characteristics, perfect habits and loving actions, which in turn will help you appreciate more fully who you are and the beautiful world we live in. 


Affirmation: I am a kind and beautiful perfect being.  I give freely of my heart and myself.  I know that being here adds love, joy, beauty and peace to those around me and I love and accept myself fully.


New Opportunity

Do not fear the changes that are taking place in your life.  Instead, choose to embrace the changes because through your faith and affirmations, you have created a divine pathway that is opening the doors of awesome new opportunities for you.  Trust the Universe and your angels because they are here now to help you eliminate your fears as you move forward fearlessly.


Affirmation: I am willing and fearlessly welcoming the changes occurring in my life because I know the changes are creating many divinely inspired opportunities for me.



It is time to take charge of your life.  You have everything it takes inside of you to face each day with courage while you successfully address the challenges in your life and pursue your dreams.  You have spiritual gifts, and you are constantly receiving spiritual guidance from your angels, that are helping you manifest your dreams and create a self-reliant life.  Please know that Archangel Michael and his loving group of angels are with you giving you the courage and support you need to enjoy the wondrous gift of self-reliance.


Affirmation: I am creating the perfect life for myself and loved ones.  I am very grateful that I have the spiritual support and personal courage to move forward fearlessly in a loving and kind way.


Raising Your Standards

Reach for the stars and NEVER settle for less than what you truly deserve.  Fears, insecurities and a lack of feeling worthy tend to make many of us feel that we cannot achieve greatness.  This simply is not true.  Your angels are here to boost your self-esteem and courage so that all lower-energy obstacles are removed as you move forward fearlessly.  Simply choose to see and FEEL yourself rising above your personal expectations relationship-wise, career-wise and spiritually, and IT SHALL BE SO…


Affirmation: I hold high standards for myself, and I know that I deserve the very best life has to offer me in all aspects of my life.


Problem Resolved

Your faith in yourself and your Angels is paying off.  Know that what you are concerned about is being addressed behind the scenes by your angels.  They are helping you create solutions that serve the higher good of all involved.  Just relax, give your concerns to your spiritual guides and understand that this is not the time to force a solution or worry about how your issue will be resolved.  Also, understand that when the angels create a solution, it is far better than anything you might come up with on your own.


Affirmation: I am totally protected by my spiritual team and I know that my problem is resolved because my spiritual faith is creating the perfect solution.



Creating a new future through visualizations includes accepting your spiritual gifts and skills.  You already possess the many gifts you need to move forward fearlessly in life.  Your angels want you to know that it is safe to create, see, and act on visions you have during your dreams and waking hours.  Visualizing and feeling your new life as already manifested really is the key to moving forward and manifesting your dreams and goals.  See it!  Feel it!  Then, it becomes yours.


Affirmation: It is very safe for me to see and receive my spiritual gifts, and it feels good to know that my visualizations create a higher-purpose future.