The Scorpion

October 24 to November 22


The Archangels

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Archangel Oracle Deck


Archangel Chamuel

Beloved One

Archangel Chamuel is here now to help you manifest or improve your spiritual soulmate relationships.  YOU ARE surrounded by love and you simply need to reach out to feel the love.  Also, remember that anyone can be a soulmate.  It may a romantic partner, a best friend, a beloved family member or anyone that you feel an ancient connection with in you life. Be sure to hold the intention that your spiritual soulmate relationships are here waiting for you.  You just need to hold loving thoughts about yourself and others to attract these soulmate relationships.  Simply see and feel the soulmate relationship as already here and it’s yours!  Chamuel’s aura is a pale green and wearing or carrying fluorite will help you feel Archangel Chamuel’s love and comfort.


Affirmation:  I am grateful that through my affirmations I have created a beautiful new reality that includes my spiritual soulmate relationships.


Archangel Haniel

Moon Cycles

Archangel Haniel wants to help you use the power of the new and full moons.  The full moon is the perfect time for you to release anything and everything that you are done with, and the evening before the full moon is a great time for healing and recharging your crystals and healing oils.  And, release and get rid of whatever it is robs you of your power and strength.  Use the new moon to start new projects and to manifest your dreams and goals.  Archangel Haniel’s aura is bluish-white and her energy connects with moonstone.  Carry or wear moonstone to connect to Archangel Haniel and to maximize the power of the Moon.


Affirmation:  I embrace the full moon as an opportunity to release the old and I embrace the new moon to start success new projects and manifestations.


Archangel Michael

Crystal-Clear Intentions

How important is it that your intentions and affirmations are very clear and understood by your Divine Creator and Angels?  Yes, you are right—very important!  We may like to think that our angels and spirit guides can read in-between the lines, but that is not necessarily true because if we do not have a clear picture of what we want, it is very difficult for our angels to understand what we want?  They need to know exactly what you want so they can more easily direct their energies and power towards helping you.  Archangel Michael’s aura is royal blue and royal purple.  Wear or carry Sugalite to feel, and benefit from, his power and energy.


Affirmation:  I am very grateful that I clearly see and understand what I want to manifest in my life.  And, I am excited that I can clearly and concisely share my manifestations with my angles so they can help me create my new reality.


Archangel Raphael

Angel Therapy


There is no therapy better than YOUR angels’ therapy, which by the way is brought to you through them from YOUR Divine Creator.  Archangel Raphael and your angels are ready and willing to take ALL of your burdens if you will just simply let go of your worries and cares.  Remember that once you give your angels permission to help you, they will jump right in and go to work to improve your life.  Let them decide how to help you and realize that they have many more resources at their disposal than you or any of us do.  Archangel Raphael‘s aura is emerald green and wearing or carrying emeralds or malachite WILL help improve your connection with him.


Affirmation:  I easily release ALL my worries, concerns and burdens to Archangel Raphael and his band of angels, and I know that when I ask for their help—help is on the way!


Archangel Zadkiel


Soften your heart concerning any harsh situations or people you are involved with, including yourself.  Archangel Zadkiel is helping you to look at yourself and others with love and forgiveness.  Ask your angels to help you see other people’s point-of-view with compassion and understanding.  Seeing other people’s point-of-view does not mean you have to agree with them, but when you do this, it helps you understand them better and it opens your mind to solutions you may not have thought about before because you were blocking your compassionate side.  Archangel Zadkiel’s aura is deep indigo blue and wearing or carrying the mineral lapis lazuli will help you hear and understand your angelic messages more clearly.


Affirmation:  I am looking at ALL situations and people in my life with love and compassion.  When I do this, I know that my angels are with me to help me be more open-minded and compassionate.


Archangel Haniel


It is time for you to step back, protect and care for yourself.  You are very sensitive right now to all harshness. Even crowds and loud noises can bother you right now.  Please avoid ALL harsh situations, people, foods and drinks.  Your heart, mind and body require nurturing and self-care.  Take to time to meditate or better yet—run or walk with your angels.  Allow yourself to feel the love that Archangel Haniel, YOUR angels and YOUR Divine Creator feel for you and choose to see all people, all situations and yourself with love-based acceptance.  Archangel Haniel’s aura is bluish-white and her energy connects with moonstone.  Carry or wear moonstone to connect to Archangel Haniel and to maximize the power of the Moon.


Affirmation: I am a kind and beautiful perfect being.  I give freely of my heart and myself.  I know that being here adds love, joy, beauty and peace to those around me.  I love and accept myself fully and I know that I am attracting the kind of people and situations that give me these same qualities.


Archangel Jeremiel

All is Well

Do not worry.  Be Happy!  All IS well!  Archangel Jeremiel is here assuring you that you are totally surrounded and protected with his and your angels’ love.  And, everything is taking place according to a divine plan.  You just need to realize that sometimes the old needs to be dismantled and rebuilt to bring beautiful new blessings into your life.  During this time of transition, spend extra time meditating and walking in nature with your nature angels to feel their love and protection.  Archangel Jeremiel’s aura is deep eggplant purple.  Wear or carry amethyst to feel Archangel Jeremiel’s energy and support.


Affirmation:  I am happy and excited to know that no matter what outward appearance look like, I am totally cared for and protected by my spiritual beings.