The Scorpion

October 24 to November 22


Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance

interpreted & written

by Gary P. Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Magical Mermaids & Dolphins

Oracle Deck


Set Your Sights Higher

Are you settling for less than what you deserve in relationships or personal endeavors?  So often, we allow ourselves to become complacent with our lives while settling for just enough to get us by.  It is time to immediately “Set Your Sights Higher” because the Universe and your team of Angels have news for you—they are divinely interceding in your life to help you  realize you do not have to settle for less than what you want or deserve.  Now IS the time to go for it!  Open your mind to those big dreams you may have given up on or tucked away for another day because life is too short to waste every day settling for less than what you deserve!


Affirmation: I .am so grateful that I have “woke up” and decided that I no longer want to settle for just enough.  I know I deserve to be happy and to feel fulfilled in all ways and I am here now to proclaim that I will now start each day by setting my sights higher.  


Morning Affirmations

What a wonderful way to start each day by saying and FEELING your affirmations as if you have already manifested them.  The angels and your Spiritual Team always need your permission and affirmations to know exactly how to help you.  Once you tell them and the Universe your desires, they IMMEDIATELY go to work to help you manifest your dreams, wants and needs.  And, the rest of your day will go marvelously well when you embrace your affirmations as your new reality because you immediately change your mind-set from fear based or “living-without” thoughts to it is already done thoughts!  The worry is gone!


Affirmations: I love repeating my morning affirmations because it starts my day out feeling positive and happy about what I am and have created.  And, it is so cool to know that my thoughts are so powerful.


You’re Being Helped

Please do not feel as if you are facing life’s challenges on your own.  Your angels are asking you to set your ego aside so you can feel the support your entire Spiritual Team is offering you.  Your team has one purpose in life, which is to assist you in manifesting and receiving their support and gifts.  You just need to reach out to them and allow yourself to feel the respect, support and love they have for you.  In turn, they will make sure that your prayers are heard and answered.


Affirmation:   I am so grateful for the help my Spiritual Team gives me.  I feel their support 24/7 and I know that with their help, I can succeed at anything I wish to manifest.


Soulmate Relationship

We all long for a soulmate relationship that satisfies our desire to love and be loved unconditionally.  Soulmates come in all different sizes and shapes. Some Soulmates are our romantic partner. Some are our best and most trusted friend while other Soulmates may be a family member.  Even that special animal you love dearly and they in return love you can be a Soulmate.  Your angels want you to know that they are bringing a Soulmate into your life very soon that will change your life forever in the best possible way and they want you to embrace the opportunity to connect with your Soulmate so you can feel the love you deserve.


Affirmation: I am so excited to welcome my new Soulmate into my life.  I am very thankful for the unconditional love we share and honor. Thank-you angels for bringing us together.



How would it feel to KNOW that every project you start and every affirmation you send out to the Universe is being fulfilled?  Well, stop wondering; allow yourself to experience a new reality in which you have the ability to easily and successfully manifest your dreams into reality.  Your angels want you to know that that this is a magical time in your life where positive expectations result in positive outcomes.  Live in the moment and allow your natural manifesting abilities to create the life you desire.


Affirmation:  I am so grateful for the support the Universe is giving me in manifesting my dreams into reality and I am especially thankful that I easily allow my higher-self to turn all my projects into golden opportunities that benefit me and the ones in my life that I care about.



Your teams of angels have arrived to help you take back your power IMMEDIATELY!!!  It is time for you to rebel against, and repel, anything or anyone that isn’t in your corner supporting you and your dreams You have decided that life is way too short to continue to give your power away to these people and situations.  And, guess what?  There is no rule that says you must bow down to, follow or conform to what other people want or think you should do or be!!!  Your angels are challenging you to wake up each day for a week and very LOUDLY and POWERFULLY proclaim to the Universe that you are totally in charge of your life starting right now!  Watch how quickly those fears and insecurities disappear. 


Affirmation: I LOVE feeling empowered.  I am so grateful my angels showed up to help me declare that I am DONE giving my power away to my fears, other people and life’s intimating situations.  I AM EMPOWERED!!!


Stay Optimistic

Now is NOT the time to lose hope and faith in yourself and your Spiritual Team.  They have been working to help you solve the issues in your life, and the miracle you hoped for is about to manifest.  To manifest your desires, it is very to stay very optimistic regardless of how things feel or look.  Look past the illusions our fears create and allow yourself to see and feel the solutions that are available for you to overcome any and all of life’s challenges. 


Affirmation: I am an optimist!  I am always creating the best possible outcome no matter what the outward appearance is because I know that faith is being sure of what I hope for and certain of what I do not see.