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The Scorpion

October 24 to November 22


The Archangels

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Archangel Oracle Deck


Archangel Sandalphon


You are a supreme manifestor and Archangel Sandalphon is here to help you to continue to manifest and celebrate the ultimate victory you deserve.  Please know that your hard work and love-based thoughts and affirmations are manifesting great blessings that will help you and many others that cross your life path.  Archangel Sandalphon’s aura is the cooling, calm shade of turquoise.  Wear or carry turquoise and you will feel Archangel Sandalphon’s strength and love as you move forward fearlessly.


Affirmation: I know that I am worth of my spiritual being’s blessings and I know that through loved based thoughts and affirmations, I am victorious.


Archangel Raziel


It’s not your imagination!  As of late, you ARE being to “see” everything more clearly.  Perhaps you are catching fleeting images out of the corner of your eye.  Or, maybe your dreams and the visions during your dreams are becoming more vivid.  And, through quiet meditation, you are “seeing” and “connecting” as you have never seen and connected before lately.  Please know that Archangel Raziel and his band of angels are communicating with you through your gift of clairvoyance.  They are telling you that everything is OK and that they are here to help and protect you.  They are also sending you messages about your divine calling and asking you to realize you are very gifted, and it’s time to step-it-up and embrace your divine mission.  Archangel Raziel’s aura holds all the colors of a beautiful rainbow.  Wearing or carrying clear quarts will increase your connection with Archangel Raziel and it will help you understand the deep spiritual messages you are receiving.


Affirmation:  I embrace my gift of clairvoyance and I easily quiet my heart and mind while I open myself to receive the gift of “sight”, which is helping me pursue my divine calling.


Archangel Uriel

You Know What

to Do

Your intuition is very strong right now.  Please step back and realize that you are receiving messages from many different spiritual beings.  You have a team of angels, lead by Archangel Uriel, that are helping you right now.  The only thing that you need to do is listen and trust yourself.  You CAN trust yourself because you are far wiser than you sometimes give yourself credit for being.  If your fear surfaces, stop and ask for signs confirming your intuition and YOU WILL get immediate confirmation that your intuition is correct.  Archangel Uriel’s aura is pale yellow and carrying or wearing amber will increase your intuition and connection to Archangel Uriel.


Affirmation:  I trust my inner guidance system (intuition) completely because I know that intuition is a gift from my Divine Creator to help me make difficult decisions.


Archangel Ariel

Spread Your Wings

Yes, you do have “wings” that allow you to soar far above all blocks and challenges that keep most people from manifesting their true desires.  It is time to release all self-doubt about whom you are and what you are meant to do with your life.  DO NOT hold back.  Go for it because Archangel Ariel is helping you to realize that change is good and that you are totally supported with the changes you are considering.  Remember that it’s healthy and okay to leave your comfort zone as you enthusiastically embrace your new opportunities.  Archangel Ariel’s aura is pink and wearing or carrying rose quartz will help you manifest your desires and needs quickly and it will comfort you as you step into the new and unknown territories.


Affirmation: I am grateful for my new opportunities and I enthusiastically embrace change because I know that I am divinely guided AND protected as I embrace life’s golden opportunities.


Archangel Chamuel


Please allow yourself to feel the peace, love and compassion Archangel Chamuel is sending you.  You have asked for inner peace.  Please know you deserve to feel peacefulness in all ways.  True peace is achieved when you realize how important it is to love and accept yourself before all others.  When you learn how to love and accept yourself as a loved child of your Divine Creator, loving and caring about others comes much easier and is more genuine.  Other people will feel your self-love and they are drawn to your energy because it will illuminate from your heart and soul.  Always remember that no matter what you have experienced in life, YOU ARE loved and accepted by your spiritual beings just the way you are.  Chamuel’s aura is a pale green and wearing or carrying fluorite will help you feel Archangel Chamuel’s love and compassion for you.


Affirmation:  I am a kind and beautiful perfect being.  I give freely of my heart and myself.  I know that being here adds love, joy, beauty and peace to those around me.  I love and accept myself fully like my angels love and accept me.


Archangel Metatron


Archangel Metatron is an excellent angel to help you organize and prioritize your life and to help you easily focus on your highest priorities.  Now here comes the best part—you are being asked to place at the top of your list those projects and actions that are closest to your heart and those that fill you with joy.  When you spend time working on what brings you joy, happiness and a sense of purpose, everyone around you benefits.  Archangel Metatron’s aura is violet with sea foam- green stripes.  Carry or wear watermelon tourmaline to feel Archangel Metatron’s power and guidance.


Affirmation:  I choose to follow my heart and to put at the top of my priority list projects and actions that bring me peace, love and happiness.


Archangel Raziel

Take Back Your Power

YES!  It’s time to stop and Take Back Your Power.  Your Divine Creator gave you the power to change anything in your life that does not suit your higher self and now you are going to use his gift to manifest great blessings in your life.  Allow yourself to feel YOUR angels’ love and support for you.  Then, you’ll ALWAYS know that you can face all difficulties with faith and hope.  When you do this, you will know without a doubt that you are, and will continue to be, taken care of in all ways possible.  Visualize your new reality and your spiritual beings WILL help you create your desires and needs.  Archangel Raziel’s aura holds all the colors of a beautiful rainbow.  Wearing or carrying clear quarts will increase your connection with Archangel Raziel and it will help you understand the deep spiritual messages you are receiving


Affirmation:  I am excited to take my power back and I choose not to give my power away to my fears or other people.  Owning my power allows me to love myself, which in turn allows me to help others in an ego-free way.