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The Scorpion

October 24 to November 22


The Ascended Masters

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written by Gary Paul Frese

Inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s Ascended Masters Oracle Deck


Find the Blessing in Your Current Situation


Krishna is a Hindu god and an incarnation of Vishnu.  He is the messenger of joy, happiness, romantic love and spiritual teachings.


Life is full of learning experiences and your angels are asking you to look at your current life situation as a way to grow and mature emotionally.  Be grateful for your current learning experience because there are hidden blessings that you may not see yet!  And, no matter how challenging your situation is, choose to open your heart so you can send love and healing energy towards the situation and people involved that are causing you to feel less joy and happiness.  You will feel much better about your current situation and life if you do this.


AFFIRMATION: I am grateful for my current situation.  I understand that life’s lessons, no matter how difficult they may seem to be, are “designed” to help me learn and grow spiritually.


Follow Your Heart

St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi is the Italian patron Saint of the animals and environment and he is said to have had the gift to communicate with animals.  He is also the founder of the Franciscans.


Your heart knows best and NEVER lies to you.  Following your heart and your heart’s desires when you are in an ego-free mind set, ALWAYS results in positive outcomes.  It is now time for you to follow your heart’s desires.  Whether you want to take up a hobby, take an evening class or focus on your divine purpose and passions, your angels are with you to help you pursue your desires, and they will help you find the time and resources you need to nurture yourself.


AFFIRMATION: When I am true to myself, and I honor and nurture my own needs, my ability to help myself as well as others increases significantly.




Babaji is the revered Yogi who overcame all physical limitations.  Babaji encouraged Paramahansa Yogananda to teach Yoga in the Western population to help them become enlightened.


Your body and mind are calling out for a change.  Your inner self is driving you to better your outlook on life through exercise.  You are encouraged by your angels to take up or continue Yoga practices.  However, any kind of exercise, whether it is Yoga or another form, will help you immensely right now.  If you commit to this, your spiritual self WILL grow and you Will HAVE the spiritual, emotional and physical strength to improve all aspects of your life.


AFFIRMATION: I love and respect my body so much and I am so excited to use exercise to improve all aspects of my self and life.  I love the life-clarity and spiritual uplift I receive every time I exercise.


Drink More Water


Oshun is an African Goddess of the rivers and waters.  She helps women appreciate and respect their femininity and she helps everyone with their romantic life, self-esteem and any situation involving water.


Your angels are asking you to focus on improving your health by starting with a simple, but often ignored commitment to replace chemically saturated drinks with pure water.  You will quickly notice that your feelings of low energy, fatigue, hunger and lack of concentration will be replaced with pure and natural energy, which in turn will give you the ability to focus more clearly on what it is you want to manifest and accomplish.


AFFIRMATION: I love, honor and respect my body, and in doing so I choose a lifestyle and diet that glorifies my higher self as well as my divine purpose.


Energy Healing


Merlin is believed to have lived during the time of Camelot and King Arthur.  He is a powerful ascended master who helps spiritual teachers and healers focus their energies in a loving and helpful way.


You are magical!  You are a healer!  Please realize that healers need healing too, and please know that you can not hide from what needs healing by losing yourself in the healing of others.  It is time to stop and ask your angels to help you heal from past or present lower-energy experiences that are holding you back from totally embracing your true self.  Once you address your personal issues that require healing, you will find you have increased abilities, energy and inspiration to help others heal themselves physically and emotionally.


AFFIRMATION: I embrace my spiritual gifts with gratitude and I am releasing ALL lower-energy experiences that block me from healing others and me emotionally and physically.





Thoth is the Egyptian God of writing, mathematics, astronomy and esoteric arts.  He is considered the inventor of written language, and he was an author and scribe for the ascended masters.


Your heart longs to free the soulful words that are inside you.  You are a gifted writer that can help yourself or others gain a better perspective about life through your writing.  Whether you simply write for yourself in your journals or for others in blogs, magazines or books, your words WILL have a profound effect on you and others.


AFFIRMATION:  I am very happy and excited to express my thoughts and feelings through my written words and I am grateful that my words are filled with divine knowledge that helps me and others improve the quality of our lives.


Detach from Drama

Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena is the Grecian Goddess of wisdom.  She is a war Goddess who uses wisdom instead of weapons to settle conflicts and she will help anyone who calls on her to settle personal conflicts in a peaceful manner.


You are blocking your angel’s ability to help you when you allow drama to be a part of your life.  It is time to disconnect from situations or people who fill your life with drama.  Instead of being directly involved with drama, step back and ask your angels to send love and healing energy to every person or situation in your life that evolves drama.  Once you disconnect and release drama from your life, you will immediately start feeling refreshed physically, mentally and emotionally


AFFIRMATION: I no longer give my power away to lower-energy drama that fills so many people’s lives and I choose to send love to them instead of feeding their drama. And. I choose to eliminate all drama that may be caused by me.