The Scorpion

October 24 to November 22


Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance

interpreted & written

by Gary P. Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Saints & Angels

Oracle Deck



St. Francis of Assisi

You do know that your angels send you messages and communicate to you in different ways, and one of the ways they communicate with you is through animals of all kinds.  Stop and look around and notice the messages you are receiving.  The messages may be sent through dogs, cats or birds (ravens, crows, hawks, eagles, etc.).  If you have noticed a certain animal repetitively crossing your path or showing up in unusual places, rest assured you ARE receiving messages from your spiritual beings.  And, because you connect so well with animals, you have the compassion and unconditional love that many animals show humans.


Affirmation:  I am so grateful that my angels love me unconditionally and that they send me special messages through many of the beautiful animals on this earth.  I am excited that I am open to, and easily understand, their supportive, loving messages.




God, our Divine Creator, is pure, unconditional love and he and his angels are surrounding you right now with their unconditional support.  Stop and allow yourself to feel the love that is guiding and protecting you so you know you ARE NOT alone as you move forward in life.  Your spiritual team IS bringing you the necessary spiritual ingredients to help you accept and love yourself so you can then share your love with everyone in your life.  There is no greater energy than the energy of love and you are truly deserving of the deepest kinds of love.  Please open yourself now to feel that love fully and you will instantly feel your life shift to a higher and more positive realm.


Affirmation:  I am so grateful that I feel and accept the pure love my Divine Creator and his angels are sharing with me.  I love feeling the protection and guidance that comes with accepting this love and I am excited to share this love with everyone who will allow my love to encompass them. 


Safe Travel

St. Christopher


Ah.  Your angels are telling you that you need to get away from it all.  Take a trip, even if it is just a short day or two get-away trip.  Call on your angels and St. Christopher to protect you during your trip and they will!  The trip is very important because it will help you clear your mind so you can put your life-challenges and the stress life brings in perspective.  You WILL gain a new perspective on life that will help you clearly see the direction you want to take in life and you will clearly hear and see answers to any questions you have asked about concerning your life direction.


Affirmation:  I readily accept the advice of my angels as I embark on a life-changing trip and I am very grateful for the new, love-based perspective my get away trip will bring me.


Stress Management

Guardian Angel

Listen closely to your angels.  They are guiding you so you can reduce the effect of stress.  You give so much of yourself to others and you tend to take on their worries and concerns along with your own.  Your angels will help you loving say no to others whose demands increase your stress unnecessarily.  This is also a message to start or get back to some kind of exercise or meditation program that ALWAYS relieves and reduces stress.  Remember too that stress is a choice!  You can choose to accept stress as a necessary evil or you can choose to surrender and release your stress to your spiritual team.  If you choose to release your stress, your spiritual team WILL help you find the time and resources to reduce the stress in your life.


Affirmation:  I am very grateful to my spiritual team for helping me be committed to reducing the stress in my life and I am appreciative that I have more than enough time and resources to easily focus on ways to eliminate the stress in my life.  I love my new stress-free life!


Learning Experience

Guardian Angel

You have the opportunity to use your life experiences as a positive way to grow and learn instead of viewing them as problems, and your angels are asking you to do exactly that--look at your life challenges as opportunities to learn.  All experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant, are indeed a necessary part of your journey as you strive to find inner peace.  You learn about patience, acceptance, perseverance and forgiveness with each new learning experience, which in turn allows you to use the wisdom you are gaining to help other people in similar situations.


Affirmation:  I am very grateful for the learning experiences life brings me and I am determined to use these experiences to better my life.  Moreover, I am very appreciative that I have the opportunities to use my experiences to help others successfully face their personal challenges.




No matter where you have been, or are, in life—YOU deserve the miracles your Divine Source is able to bless you with anytime you reach out and ask for help.  Your Divine Source is by, and on your side, at all times.  Be open to receiving help in miraculous ways, and never stop believing that you are a supreme manifestor who can create miracles when you reach out and ask for divine inspiration and guidance.  Please detach yourself from expected outcomes and allow yourself to receive miraculous solutions in ways you may never have imagined.


Affirmation:  I do believe in divinely inspired miracles and I know that I am worthy to receive these miraculous blessings based on my ego-free desire to create solutions that benefit everyone involved.


You’re a Leader

Guardian Angel


Your angels are reaching out to you to help you embrace your life-purpose to help others through service.  You are very respected by others.  People look up to you and they look to you for loving guidance and healing.  Moreover, they trust you to lead them because you come from a place of unconditional love.  Call on your angels to help you develop your leadership skills or to improve your existing leadership skills so you can lovingly assist many people with their spiritual and earthly journey.


Affirmation:  I humbly embrace my divinely inspired leadership abilities and I ask my spiritual team to help me heal people emotionally or physically through ego-free, unconditional love.