The Archer

November 23 to December 21


Spiritual Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Frese

inspired by

Dr. D. Virtue’s

Angel Therapy

Oracle Deck


Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters, who are wise spiritual teachers from the past who for the most part lived on Earth in one form or another, are with you NOW!!  They are to support you as you reach out for their help and inspiration. They are surrounding you with their love and support.  And, they are quietly working behind the scenes to help you with the life changes you want to make in order to experience a higher quality of life.  During quiet meditation, call on your entire Ascended Master spiritual team (Quan Lin, Mother Mary (Queen of Angels), Ganesh, Jesus, etc.) to stand by your side while they help you transcend to a higher realm to receive and feel their unconditional love and support for you.


Affirmation: I easily feel my Ascended Master’s unconditional love for me and I know that through their love, I can create a new reality that will bring me true peace, joy and happiness.



You and the energetic healing power crystals provide go together very well. Not everyone connects with crystals, by you do.  If you already own healing crystals, take time to cleanse and clear your crystals on a regular basis so their healing power remains strong.  If you do not own your own healing crystals, you are asked to visit a store that sells crystals.  Ask your angels to help you choose the crystals that are perfect for you.  This is also a message to work with Crystal Children to help them accept and develop their extraordinary divine gifts.  They are truly are very few experiences in life that surpass helping these young, vibrant and very spiritually aware children


Affirmation: I easily feel and accept the healing power crystals have to offer me.  I choose to use my crystals as a tool to heal myself and to discover and expand my higher-consciousness.


Earth Angel

You are compassionate and loving and you ARE a person who has the ability to help others with their emotional and mental challenges.  You are an Earth Angel who chose to come to this lifetime to help and serve other people.  You have been blessed with many spiritual gifts to help others and you are truly only happy when you teach others to overcome their challenges so they can love themselves unconditionally.  There are many different avenues you can follow to fulfill your life purpose.  Ask your angels to guide and direct you to find the best career or healing practice that will help you fulfill your life purpose.


Affirmation: I fully embrace my life purpose, which is to serve and love others.  I know I am here to use my creative gifts to inspire others to heal and love themselves unconditionally.


God Box

You have done a great job in identifying what you need to discard in order to move ahead in life fearlessly.  Create a God Box to put all your worries and concerns in.  Select a special container that you consider sacred.  First, write down on a piece of paper ALL your unwanted energies that you want to leave behind whether they are lower energy experiences or people.  Secondly, write down everything that you are grateful for in your life.  Thirdly, follow this by taking all your unwanted energies and writing positive affirmations for each of them.  Finally, take everything that you have written and put it in your God Box.  As you place your unwanted energies in your God Box, set the intention that you are surrendering and releasing them FOREVER to your spiritual team to manage.  Now, YOU ARE DONE visiting and feeling these unwanted energies.  You will be surprised how easily you feel your angels’ assistance and how quickly you feel unwanted energies being released from your mind and body.


Affirmation: I surrender and release my cares and worries to my spiritual beings and I know that they are close at hand to help me find creative and divinely inspired ideas to solve any life challenges I may face.


Solar-Plexus Chakra

Owning your power looks so good on you. You are totally supported and protected by your angels when you allow yourself to be powerful in a loving way.   Please know that when you use your power in a positive way, it is impossible for you to misuse your angelically inspired powers. If you feel like you have given your power away to fears or other people lately, call on Archangel Michael to help you cut the attachments to fear and the attachment to lower energy people that are attempting to take your power from you.  He will also help you balance your Solar-Plexus chakra so you feel courageous and emotionally balanced and he will help you clear your Solar-Plexus of all toxic energies.  Wear or carry tiger eye, citrine, honey calcite or yellow jasper to help you activate and balance your Solar-Plexus chakra.


Affirmation:  Archangel Michael, I reach out to you now and I ask you to help me to release my fears and help me cut my emotional cords that keep me attached to people or situations that I have given my power away to in the past and the present.


Power Animal

You have at least one Spiritual Power Animal who is here as your guide to protect, teach and comfort you.  Your Power Animal could be a living or deceased pet or you may have a very special connection with certain types of wild animals or birds.  Your Power Animals are placed in your life to help you stay grounded and connected to Mother Earth.  Open your heart and you WILL hear and feel the angelically inspired messages your animal(s) is communicating to you.


Affirmation: I easily connect with nature while I listen with my heart and mind for the messages my Spiritual Power Animals are sending me and while I am in nature, I open myself to discovering the new Power Animals my angels send to guide and comfort me.



You are very good at releasing lower energies that, in the past, have kept you from experiencing your divine purpose and your higher consciousness connection.  Now is the time to help others learn what you have learned so they can let go of whatever does not serve their higher purpose.  Your desire to help improve other people’s lives in a loving way has triggered support and love from YOUR angels and spiritual guides.  They will help you help others!  Know that you are truly worthy to help these people and that as a result of learning from you and your experiences, they will experiencing a happy and fulfilled life.


Affirmation:  I call on Archangel Michael and my spiritual team to give me the faith and courage to release ALL lower energy people, situations and unhealthy habits from my life, and I know that I am totally protected and divinely guided as I move forward fearlessly.