The Archer

November 23 to December 21



Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Healing With The Fairies

Oracle Deck


Dreams Coming True

Fantastic news is here for you now!  Your dreams are coming true!  Your steady, never-ending belief that you are the sole creator of your happiness and dreams has ushered in a new wave of prosperity and positive energy.  In turn, your positive energy has attracted all the angelic support necessary to manifest your dreams in a divine, orderly way.  Continue to see and FEEL your dreams as your new reality and it shall be so


Affirmation: I am full of gratitude and excitement because I am constantly turning my dreams into my new reality through visualization and, most importantly, I am acting “as if” my dreams are already manifested.


Honoring Your

True Feelings

Above all else, be true to your higher self.  You know what you need to do in life to honor your true desires and feelings!  Moreover, you know it is time to stop giving your power away to your fears and other people’s expectations for you.  Trust the guidance you are receiving from your angels because the trustworthy guidance you are receiving will allow you to clearly see and understand your true feelings.  Honor those feelings and your life’s journey will be more rewarding and satisfying.


Affirmation: I am willingly allowing my true self to emerge and shine because I know that I am receiving divine guidance that allows me to express my true feelings safely.


Raising Your Standards

Reach for the stars and NEVER settle for less than what you truly deserve.  Fears, insecurities and a lack of feeling worthy tend to make many of us feel that we cannot achieve greatness.  This simply is not true.  Your angels are here to boost your self-esteem and courage so that all lower-energy obstacles are removed as you move forward fearlessly.  Simply choose to see and FEEL yourself rising above your personal expectations relationship-wise, career-wise and spiritually, and IT SHALL BE SO…


Affirmation: I hold high standards for myself, and I know that I deserve the very best life has to offer me in all aspects of my life.


Family Harmony

We are all affected by our upbringing and family beliefs.  No matter what your family situation is, perfect or less than perfect, your angels are asking you to hold unconditional loving thoughts about and for your family.  This is especially true if family beliefs directed towards you were, or are, in conflict with how you choose to live your life.  Continuing to emit authentic, loving thoughts toward them is the best way to maintain good family relationship or to improve strained ones.  Please know that your authentic, loving energy WILL BE felt by them regardless of outward appearances.


Affirmation:  I always choose to send unconditional love to my family and I choose to see them in the light of love because I know that when I choose to see and feel love, love WILL come back to me.


Breaking Free

Do you feel trapped or restricted in life by your fears, a lack of self-confidence, a lack of money, a less than fulfilling career, or people’s opinions about what you should or should not do in life?  In reality, there are no restrictions in life, other than the restrictions you create, that can hold you back.  It is time to turn to your angels and spiritual team to ask for their help.  They are standing by waiting for you to ask for their help.  Know that they WILL help you break free so you can create and live the life you truly deserve to live.  Remember that to break free; you must consciously take action that reinforces your desire to change your habits and thinking pattern.


Affirmation: I am the creator of my life experiences and I choose to free myself from all self-limiting beliefs and restrictions that others or I try to impose on me.


Stand Your Ground

Now is NOT the time to back down or change your mind.  Speak and act on your truth because your original thoughts about this situation are divinely inspired and accurate.  You truly know what your honest desires and wishes are, and please know that you are being guided by your angels to follow your desires.  Do not allow outside influences to alter the divine path you have chosen because as you live your truth, others will see the wisdom of your decisions and reach out to support you.


Affirmation: I choose to trust my intuition and stand my ground because my “truths” and path are divinely inspired by my angels.



It is time to take charge of your life.  You have everything it takes inside of you to face each day with courage while you successfully address the challenges in your life and pursue your dreams.  You have spiritual gifts, and you are constantly receiving spiritual guidance from your angels, that are helping you manifest your dreams and create a self-reliant life.  Please know that Archangel Michael and his loving group of angels are with you giving you the courage and support you need to enjoy the wondrous gift of self-reliance.


Affirmation: I am creating the perfect life for myself and loved ones.  I am very grateful that I have the spiritual support and personal courage to move forward fearlessly in a loving and kind way.