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Astrological Sign

and Day of Week

Spiritual Guidance and Affirmations

by Gary Paul Frese

Inspired by Dr. Doreen Virtue’s

Saints and Angels Oracle Deck


The Archer

November 23 to December 21



St. Hildegard of Bingen


Now is the time to call on St. Hildegard and your angels to help you overcome any self-doubt or lack of confidence you may have about the situation you are facing.  It is time to trust them and yourself.  Call on St. Hildegard and your angels to help you visualize, feel and create a happy outcome.  However, remember that it is up to you to take the first step using your faith and belief in yourself and from there, your angels WILL help you create the perfect outcome.


Affirmation:   I own my power and I know that I and only I am the creator of my future.  I happily embrace the support of my spiritual team and angels to help create a happy outcome for everyone involved.



Heaven is Watching Over You

Guardian Angel


You have more guardian angles watching over you and your loved ones than you can possibly imagine.  Please know that you are never, never alone!  Reach out and feel your angels’ love and support by simply releasing your cares and worries to them while you ask for their divine love, comfort and guidance.  Then, you WILL instantly feel them and their divine protection surrounding you and everyone you care about in your life.


Affirmation:  I am so grateful that I always have the protection and love of my guardian angels around me and that I am excited to always easily feel their presence though their guidance, love and protection.




Mother Mary


Mother Mary is here now to help you strengthen the already awesome bond you have with your Mother.  If you need to heal, present or past, issues with your Mother or females, Mother Mary will help with that too if you truly want to heal.  Mother Mary and your angels are also bringing you nurturing love to help you embrace the beauty and feminine energy you have inside of you so your feminine and masculine energies are balanced, which in turn allows you to live a more rewarding and peaceful life.  Mother Mary will also help those of you, both male and female, in raising your children in a loving and positive way.


Affirmation:  I celebrate my bond with my Mother and I easily release all issues I may have with my Mother or other females.  I welcome the nurturing love Mother Mary is sending me so that I may easily surrender and release those issues, which in turns allows the healing to take place that frees me from those lower-energy feminine related issues.




Guardian Angel


You DO have the intuitive ability to see a clear path for your future as well as other people’s future.  Your angels want you to know that you have a gift that allows you to envision your true spiritual and life path and you do receive messages for yourself and others through clear, vivid visions.  Through quiet meditation, call on your angels to develop or further develop your gift.


Affirmation: I fearlessly accept my divine gift and ability for clearly seeing the future.  I am grateful that I can use this gift to help others and myself in an ego-free way.




 Guardian Angel


You are being asked by your spiritual team and your angels to stop and pause before moving forward with the situation you are involved in.  Sometimes you are moving so fast physically, emotionally and mentally that you may confuse yourself or others about the direction you are going.  Quiet your mind through meditation, nature walks or even a long bubble bath.  This will help you be more honest with yourself about what you really want to accomplish.  Take time to consider the options you have, and most importantly, DO NOT allow yourself to be influenced by other people’s agendas.  Be true to yourself and the path you are on will become VERY clear and a successful outcome WILL BE yours.


Affirmation:  I am very grateful that I can easily calm my anxiousness about the situation I am involved in and I am appreciative that when I slow down to receive divine guidance, the correct and most successful  solutions for everyone involved come to me easily.



Healthful Eating

 St. Raphael, the Archangel


It is time to step back and evaluate your health from a diet standpoint.  If you have been consciously improving your diet, keep up the good work and do not allow yourself to slip back into old harmful eating and drinking patterns.  If you need to improve your health through diet changes, call on Archangel Raphael, the healing archangel of Heaven, and the overseer of YOUR guardian angels, to help you alter your diet to eliminate unhealthy foods and chemicals.  The increased energy and improved outlook on life you have been seeking will be increase dramatically as you improve your diet!


Affirmation:  I love my increased physical and emotional energy.  I am very grateful that I easily resist eating foods and drinking drinks that do not serve my higher self.  It is so exciting to feel better than I have ever felt and I love the way I look because of how I am taking care of my body in all ways!



You’re a Leader

 Guardian Angel


Your angels are reaching out to you to help you embrace your life-purpose to help others through service.  You are very respected by others.  People look up to you and they look to you for loving guidance and healing.  Moreover, they trust you to lead them because you come from a place of unconditional love.  Call on your angels to help you develop your leadership skills or to improve your existing leadership skills so you can lovingly assist many people with their spiritual and earthly journey.


Affirmation:  I humbly embrace my divinely inspired leadership abilities and I ask my spiritual team to help me heal people emotionally or physically through ego-free, unconditional love.