The Archer

November 23 to December 21


Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance

interpreted & written

by Gary P. Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Saints & Angels

Oracle Deck


Be Brave

Guardian Angel

Your angels are with you NOW to help you feel completely safe, protected and guided.  Call out to your spiritual team, which includes your guardian angels, to help you face life’s challenges and to give you the courage to face those challenges head-on.  They WILL give you the courage you need to face your challenges no matter how difficult those challenges may be.  Whenever you feel fearful, stop and turn the fear into courage by using powerful affirmations that rid you of doubt and all self-limiting beliefs.


Affirmation:  I am very grateful that I connect with and feel the protection of my guardian angels   I am appreciative that whenever I turn to them, I instantly feel my fears replaced with courage, faith and hope.



St. Catherine of Alexandria (helped Joan of Arc during her visions)

Marriage represents all types of partnerships.  Whether you are in an existing relationship, thinking about moving forward in a new relationship or in the process of manifesting a brand new relationship, St. Catherine of Alexandria and your relationship angels are here now, by your side, to help you manifest the best possible relationship.  Call on her and your relationship angels.  Then, just step back and allow them to go to work on your behalf.  Please know that it is YOUR faith that will create the best outcome for everyone involved.


Affirmation: I am so grateful that I have the support of my angelic team to assist me with all of my personal relationships and I know that, without any doubt, they are helping me with create the perfect outcome.


Sign from Above

Guardian Angel


Yes.  Most of us would like to receive signs and messages in a very clear way that leaves no doubt in our mind about what we are asking about or for in life.  Your angels know that you have asked for help and direction in your life.  Stop and look around and notice the signs your angels are sending you.  Moreover, please know that you really are receiving repetitive signs from your angels in all kinds of ways.  They are giving you the answers you seek through intuition, fallen feathers, recommended books, numbers, music and even angel shaped clouds.  Pay attention to these signs and you will realize they ARE messages from your divine source.


Affirmation:  I am very grateful that my angels are sending me signs from up above and I am even more grateful that I clearly see, feel and understand what the signs mean.  I am dedicated to noticing these signs so that I may use the guidance to better my life.


Look Deeper

Guardian Angel

You need more information to make the important decisions facing you.  To find the answers you seek, it is necessary to look inside yourself deeper during intentful meditation.  Meditation is necessary because it will help clear your mind and help put you in a receptive state so you understand the messages your angels will bring you very shortly.  Trust that your angels will help you look below the surface to understand fully what you are facing.  When you do this, the answers will become very clear and your inner guidance system will let you know that your decisions are the correct ones.


Affirmation: I easily quiet and open my mind during meditation so I can hear and understand the messages my angels are sending me.  I am very grateful to hear and understand the messages I am sent.




God, our Divine Creator, is pure, unconditional love and he and his angels are surrounding you right now with their unconditional support.  Stop and allow yourself to feel the love that is guiding and protecting you so you know you ARE NOT alone as you move forward in life.  Your spiritual team IS bringing you the necessary spiritual ingredients to help you accept and love yourself so you can then share your love with everyone in your life.  There is no greater energy than the energy of love and you are truly deserving of the deepest kinds of love.  Please open yourself now to feel that love fully and you will instantly feel your life shift to a higher and more positive realm.


Affirmation:  I am so grateful that I feel and accept the pure love my Divine Creator and his angels are sharing with me.  I love feeling the protection and guidance that comes with accepting this love and I am excited to share this love with everyone who will allow my love to encompass them. 



Mother Mary

Mother Mary is here now to help you strengthen the already awesome bond you have with your Mother.  If you need to heal, present or past, issues with your Mother or females, Mother Mary will help with that too if you truly want to heal.  Mother Mary and your angels are also bringing you nurturing love to help you embrace the beauty and feminine energy you have inside of you so your feminine and masculine energies are balanced, which in turn allows you to live a more rewarding and peaceful life.  Mother Mary will also helps those of you, both male and female, in raising your children in a loving and positive way.


Affirmation:  I celebrate my bond with my Mother and I easily release all issues I may have with my Mother or other females.  I welcome the nurturing love Mother Mary is sending me so that I may easily surrender and release those issues, which in turns allows the healing to take place that frees me from those lower-energy feminine related issues.



Guardian Angel

It is so beautiful and wonderful to feel optimistic and you have every reason to be optimistic.  Your angels are behind the scenes helping you manifest what is best for you.  Please trust them and keep smiling so everyone can see and FEEL your positive side.  Your positive side is very powerful and easily manifests the wonderful, love-filled blessings you truly deserve.  Moreover, what is cool is that your optimism is extremely contagious.  You automatically become a healer when you allow your optimism to be felt by those in desperate need of hope.  So, please continue to stay optimistic and continue to share your positive energy with others because YOU ARE making a difference in other people’s lives.


Affirmation:  I LOVE going to bed and waking up each day with divinely guided optimism and I know that without a doubt my optimism manifests wonderful blessings for my loved ones and me.  I ask that everyone I meet feel my optimism about life and for them.