The Archer

November 23 to December 21


Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance

interpreted & written

by Gary P. Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Daily Guidance From

The Angels Oracle Deck



Isn’t it fun to daydream?  You bet it is!  And the great part about daydreaming is that this is the perfect “place” to create new realities.  Many important discoveries and life changing events started with someone daydreaming about “what if?”.  Relax your mind and let the daydreams flow freely so you allow your creativity to blossom and so you are totally open to receiving angelically inspired divine messages and guidance that will help you create a better future for you and your loved ones.


Affirmation: I allow myself time each day to daydream about the beautiful life I am creating for my loved ones and myself.  I am excited about how my daydreams quickly turn into my new realities.



Feeling joy and happiness starts with gratitude and appreciation for everything you have been blessed with, including the gift of life.  Your angels want you to feel that kind of joy within you so you can easily attract and create your needs and desires.  Know that joy is the springboard for all that you are seeking in life.  The more joy and gratitude you feel for your past and current blessings, the more quickly you will attract your future desires and needs.


Affirmation: I AM a joyful and happy person who values and loves life and I love the simple pleasures that life offers me each moment of my life.


New Partner

A chance meeting with someone new IS NOT a coincidence.  This person and you are being divinely guided to meet each other.  Please do pay close attention to the new people you meet because your angels are sending a certain someone into your life that you are meant to partnership with either romantically, personally or business-wise.  When you meet this person, you will know that they are special because they will seem very familiar and you will instantaneously be very comfortable with them.


Affirmation:  I openly embrace new opportunities and people in my life and I realize that these opportunities and people are gifts sent to me by spiritual beings.


Steady Progress

You are making steady spiritual progress as you reach out to feel the unconditional love you desire to experience.  Achieving self-love, unconditional love for others, security and tranquility starts with you willingly accepting yourself and others just as they are no matter how they have treated, or do treat, you.  Allow them to be whomever they choose to be and you will find the love and peace you seek.  As you allow these feelings to develop, you will soon discover how much easier it is for you to move forward with your own personal goals and desires.


Affirmation: I accept others and myself unconditionally and I easily feel unconditional love for everyone in my life.  I love replacing ALL lower energy feelings with this new-found unconditional love.



Have you noticed the gifted children and young adults that have joined us as of late?  Their spiritual knowledge and unconditional love is astounding.  However, many times these young people are overlooked or totally misunderstood.  Your angels want you to recapture your youthful, inner-child feelings so you can have faith and knowledge that one of your divine purposes is to help these children develop their full spiritual potential, especially if one of these children are part of your family.


Affirmation:  I easily recognize the gifted children and young adults that have joined us, and I lovingly and enthusiastically accept my responsibility to help them accept and develop their spiritual gifts.


See Only Love

The balance in life you seek is easily found when you open your heart to love.  Envision yourself surrounded by YOUR loving angels and feel the gifts they are sending you, which are the gifts of comfort and self-acceptance.  Choose to see every person and situation in a loving light and you will feel the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders and you will receive the peace and tranquility you desire and truly deserve..


Affirmation: I am a loved child of the Universe and I openly and easily share my love with everyone regardless of their actions or words.


Shower of Abundance

To heal your financial concerns or to improve them even more than you already have, give ALL cares and worries about money to your angels and Divine Creator.  Know and feel that all financial issues are totally resolved.  Through your faith in your spiritual team and your own ability to create success, YOU WILL manifest awesome gifts of abundance.  And, to allow the gifts you deserve to flow to you easily and freely, continually express gratitude for your past, present and future financial gifts.


Affirmation: I am grateful for ALL of the abundance in my life and I choose to see my life as perfect, beautiful and fulfilling in all ways.