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Angelic Meaning for Repeating Numbers 



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Angelic Numerical Guidance

inspired by Dr. Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101

Interpreted and written by  Gary Paul Frese


Stop and “listen” now!  Your Divine creator is communicating directly with you to give you reassurance.  To get your attention, he communicates in many different ways through dreams, numbers, feathers, coins, billboards, etc.


This is a great time in life.  You are able to manifest your thoughts and desires very easily.  However, because you can manifest your thoughts so easily--it IS VERY IMPORTANT that you surrender and release negative thoughts and only focus your thoughts on positive outcomes.


Let go and trust your angels and Divine Creator because EVERYTHING is manifesting in your life exactly the way it should in a very good way, and please know that the blessings you deserve are yours NOW!


The celestial feelings of support and comfort are not your imagination.  You are totally immersed with reassuring love and comfort from your Ascended Masters.  Trust that they are with you and that they ARE guiding and protecting you as you embrace your spiritual life journey.


Surrender and release your fears because you truly have nothing to fear.  You are totally surrounded by YOUR angels and celestial beings.  Please allow yourself to feel them because they are everywhere loving, guiding and protecting you.


Hang on and look out because here it comes!  Humongous blessed life changes (transformations) are here for you now!  To keep your thoughts at the highest possible level, stay centered and grounded through meditation and prayer.


Help is here now in angelic and human forms.  It’s time to release and surrender your fears and troubles to your angels and Divine Creator.  They ARE helping you shift your thoughts from the materialistic earthly realm to the spiritual realm.


Good Job!  You have doing everything correctly because you are totally on the right path in every area of your life.  Stay grounded and centered through spiritual mediation so your awareness is perfectly aligned with the divine and so you can continue your awesome journey in a positive way.


Congratulations.  You are manifesting the financial abundance you have asked for recently.  Your angels and celestial beings are supporting you completely because your thoughts are aligned such that you realize money is just one more tool you can use to help others less fortunate.


What a great time in your life.  It is all about endings and new beginnings.  You have completed the lessons of past and now it is time to get to work, without delay, on your life purpose.  Trust your angles because THEY ARE guiding you to expand or start on your life purpose, and be sure to stop and enjoy the glorious journey you have manifested.