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The Fishes

February 20 to

March 20


The Ascended Masters

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written by Gary Paul Frese

Inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s Ascended Masters Oracle Deck


Choose Peace

Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda popularized yoga and meditation in the West.  His books and teachings focus on developing a deep love with the Divine.


Whatever you are facing today, choose to face your life using a peaceful and loving, ego-free approach.  Ask your angels to help you soften your heart when dealing with harsh people and situations.  If you do, you will be pleased at the end of the day at how well things turn out for you. And, you will be very surprised at the positive effect it has on the people in your life who feel your unconditional love and acceptance of them. Life will immediately become easier to manage through your peaceful approach


AFFIRMATION: I choose to look at all life situations and people with love and light because I know that life and people will respond positively when they feel my unconditional love.



Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama devoted his life to ending suffering and to finding the perfect path for spiritual growth.  His insights lead to “the middle way” path to enlightenment and his numerous insights came during meditation under the Bodhi tree.


The answers you seek are truly within you.  However, you need to allow yourself quiet, reflective time to help you sort out the messages and guidance your angels are sending you.  Even if you just spend a few quiet minutes a day allowing yourself to receive guidance, without today’s electronic interruptions, YOU WILL receive the clear guidance and direction you seek.  Just be sure to practice breathing in, holding your breath and slowly releasing it several times during your meditation.  This message is also for practitioners who are meditation experts because you are being asked to use your gift to help and teach others.


AFFIRMATION: I easily free my mind of all thoughts and obstructions and I fully embrace and accept the wisdom my inner source shows me during quiet meditation.



Mahachohan Ragoczy

Mahachohan Ragoczy is regarded as a great spiritual teacher.  His students included the ascended master St. Germain.  Call him to help you with esoteric learning and spiritual teaching.


You are a powerful and passionate teacher and your angels are always with you to help you find those that need your healing lessons.  Use the excitement you are able to generate through your teachings to help others heal emotionally and spiritually.  Pass your knowledge on to others.  They truly will appreciate your love-based lessons!


AFFIRMATION: I am a gifted and blessed teacher whose divine purpose includes helping others heal emotionally and spiritually and I easily set my fears aside while I help others.


Work Your Magic


Saint-Germain was a French count from the region called Saint-Germain.  He was well-know for his magical, musical and linguistic abilities and he was loved by royalty and blue collar workers alike.


You have magical powers you brought with you from previous lives.  And, because you have magical powers — you have the ability to help others heal in ways unknown to most people.  Call on your Spiritual Team and Angels to help you remember your special gifts so you can continue your past life learning experiences.


AFFIRMATION: I accept the divinely inspired gifts I have brought with me from past lives and I choose to use my God-given gifts to help others heal themselves.


Power of Joy


Maitraya (Laughing Buddha) lived as a Buddhist monk and was know as the loving one.  He was very generous and compassionate and he brings joy and happiness to those who call on him.


Be Happy!  To help you manifest your life desires, allow yourself to feel the joy that surrounds you everyday of your life.  Joy is the most powerful manifesting tool you have because the emotion of joy vibrates at a very high level.  Call on your angels often to help you set lower-energy feelings aside so you can feel the full power of joy!


AFFIRMATION: I am happy, joyful and very grateful for all the blessings I have and I love how my perfect attitude helps others feel better.



King Solomon

King Solomon, son of King David, ruled Israel.  He was wise and open-minded and used spiritual alchemy to build the temple of the Ark of the Covenant based on plans his father received in Heavenly visions.


Ah, so much to do and so little time.  Your angels are with you to help you prioritize and complete the most important task and projects at hand.  Fill your life with loved filled thoughts instead of lower-energy burden filled thoughts.  Focus on activities that make you feel better and fulfill your heart’s desire to make the world a better place.  Then, you will soon have the divinely inspired and guided time and energy you need to accomplish your tasks and goals.


AFFIRMATION: I easily release all fears about being able to accomplish the many tasks I have chosen to undertake and I freely accept my angels’ help in determining what is most important in my life. 


Stay Focused


Kuthumi was a Sikh spiritual leader who lived in India during the 1800s.  When called on, he helps people to motivate themselves and to stay focused on their priorities and divine purpose. 


It is time to focus on your true desires and your divine passion.  Prioritize your life-tasks so you know what must be worked on first, and then call on your angels for assistance because they will help you create the knowledge, time and energy you need to complete everything in your life that is truly important for you and your spiritual growth.


AFFIRMATION: I easily focus my thoughts on what serves my higher good, which in turn allows me to focus on my most important life-tasks.