The Fishes

February 20 to

March 20


Spiritual Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Messages From Your Angels

Oracle Deck



You have asked for Heaven’s help and that help is here right now.  Your angels want you to know that there may be other options available for you that may suit you better.  Take your time making your decision and allow other solutions to appear miraculously that will match your true wants and desires.  Stay strong and faithful and realize that you and all situations in your life deserve to be surrounded and guided with love.


Affirmation: I gratefully surrender and release my cares and worries to my spiritual team and I know that as I exercise patience, they will help me make the perfect decisions for the life challenges I am facing and overcoming.



YOU ARE POWERFUL!  Your angels want you to know that it is totally okay for you to be powerful.  True power, which is centered on love for yourself and others, will only serve the higher good of all.  And, YOU chose, and have been chosen, to serve because you are powerful.  Trust yourself and your angels that you will always use your power for the good of all humanity, and then know that all will be well in your life as you reach out to help others heal and move forward on their spiritual path.


Affirmation: I accept my power to help guide and direct others because I know that I am a conduit who uses my power in an ego free way that only benefits the higher good of all.



This is a very divinely inspired card.  If you have loved deceased ones, they want you to know that they are with you now and they are doing well.  They want you to know that they love you very much and that their love is never-ending.  And, if there is a need to forgive them, please take this opportunity to release and surrender any lower energy feelings towards them you may need to release.  This card also indicates that you have the ability and gift to feel the presence of, and if you choose--communicate with your angels and spiritual guides.


Affirmation: I am very grateful that I have the ability to feel the presence of my loved ones who have passed on to the next part of their journey and I am grateful too that “we” can feel each other’s love and forgiveness.



It is take a time-out time.  You have been working hard helping others and perhaps you have been pushing yourself very hard in your profession or at home.  Your angels are telling you to stop now to take time to nurture your inner-child.  Its okay to play or do whatever it is you enjoy doing once in awhile and it is necessary for you to play so you release your stress, center yourself and refocus on what is most important in your life, which is YOU!  The better you take care of yourself, the better you are able to take care of others.


Affirmation: Thank-you for helping me realize that I must take time out for myself and for helping me improve my emotional and physical strength because through self-care, I am able to better deal with the everyday life stresses I encounter.



Do not fear life and its challenges because sweet victory is yours!  Your hard work and faith in yourself and your angels is paying off.  You are in total sync with the Universe and the Universe is rewarding you with abundance.  If along the way your fears challenge you--stop, take a deep breath, slowly release your breath and ask for comfort and guidance, and you will quickly be back on your path to victory.


Affirmation:  I KNOW that I am on the right path to fulfill my goals and dreams and I KNOW that I am totally supported as I focus my thoughts and actions on higher energy outcomes.



It is time to take a deep breathe, relax and be full of gratitude because whatever it is you have or are facing that concerns you is improving.  The worst is behind you now.  Your angels are helping you to heal from your past emotional wounds so you can continually feel safe and relaxed while you move forward fearlessly.  Please know that you, your loved ones are protected from all harm as you embrace your future with total acceptance and unconditional love.


Affirmation:  I am so excited and grateful because I know that I am totally protected and taken care of by my spiritual team and I know that they are with me every step of the way as I embrace my new beginnings with love and gratitude.



Your worries about, and your prayers for, your own children or the children of the world have been heard by your spiritual team and your Divine Creator.  He has sent his angels to help comfort you and the children while you release them to the care and protection of their spiritual parent—the Divine Creator.  This is also a message for those who want to become parents that your heavenly child is ready to join you on earth.


Affirmation: I am grateful that the children in my life and the children around the world are care for and watched over by my spiritual team and I willingly accept Heaven’s love and help for these children.