The Fishes

February 20 to

March 20


Spiritual Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Messages From Your Angels

Oracle Deck



It is time for you to stop settling for less than what you deserve.  And, it is time to stop compromising your beliefs or desires because of what others think or because of what they think is best for you.  Reach for the stars because you truly deserve the very best that life has to offer you!  Know that your angels are here to help you gain the courage to raise your standards so you can manifest joy, peace and success in your life.


Affirmation: I openly and gratefully accept the message my spiritual team is sending me because I know they are helping me to take back my power so I can reach for the starts and achieve what I am capable of achieving.



Life is full of endings and new beginnings.  As you end this phase of your life, call on your angels to help guide and comfort you.  And, realize that it is natural and okay to feel and openly express your emotions as you move forward.  Your emotions allow you to release and surrender your feelings so you are able to prepare yourself for the new and glorious opportunities that await you.


Affirmation: I welcome the mysteries of my new beginnings and I gratefully release and surrender my past to my angles because I know that I am guided and protected as I move forward to an even happier place.



Whenever possible, it is important for you to spend time with and around animals of any type because they help calm and center you.  They are in your life to help you understand unconditional love, and if you allow yourself, you can easily communicate wordlessly with animals to feel and hear the messages that your angels send to you through these beloved animals.  Animals are spirit guides and they are here to help you!


Affirmation: I love the life I have created that includes unconditional love for others as well as myself and I embrace the messages my angels send me through my spirit animal guides.



You may be confused and indecisive about life and the decisions you to need to make about your life because you do not have enough information to make your decisions.  First, call on your Divine Creator and the angels to give you more information.  If you ask for more information and assistance—YOU WILL receive the help you are asking for.  Next, “imagine” yourself making the correct and best decision for yourself and everyone involved, and then you will easily see and feel the answers you seek.


Affirmation: I gratefully surrender and release my cares and concerns to my spiritual team as I ask for their help and guidance, and I fully realize as I do this, answers and solutions flow to me freely and easily.



Reach out to your angels for help and courage to answer your prayers, face life’s challenges and manifest your dreams.  Please know that answered prayers start with YOU asking for help.  Once you ask for help, step aside and allow the answers to your prayers to flow to you freely and clearly.  Moreover, know that your angels are leading you to the answers you seek through signs like repetitive thoughts and feelings, visions, dreams and aural messages.


Affirmation: I know that all prayers for help are answered and I gratefully allow myself to step out of my ego while I allow the answers to my prayers to flow me easily.



Daniel is the angel who helps marriages and partnerships of any kind, both personal and business-wise.  He and the angels are here now to help you improve your partnerships and to help you overcome any partnership challenges you may be experiencing.  Place your hand on your heart, breathe deeply, release your breath and ask that all lower-energy surrounding your partnerships be released so you can move forward in a positive way with unconditional love.


Affirmation: I am very grateful that I have so much angelic support to help me with my life relationships and I willingly and enthusiastically release all concerns to my angels as they help me resolve my relationships in a positive way.



“As you honor and follow the guidance of your heart, prosperity is coming to you now.”  You are loved and supported by your Divine Creator and his angels.  Please know that they are supporting you fully and know that they want you to realize that you deserve prosperity in all forms.  Set all negative thoughts aside and allow yourself to see and feel your angels’ love for you so you can visualize and create the divine gifts that await you.


Affirmation:   I easily and gratefully open myself to the guidance and protection my angles are sending me while I choose to follow my heart and I know that they are helping me create all forms of prosperity.