The Fishes

February 20 to

March 20


Spiritual Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Frese

inspired by

Dr. D. Virtue’s

Angel Therapy

Oracle Deck


Clear Yourself

Highly sensitive and compassionate people occasionally tend to absorb other people’s lower energies.  It is okay to be sensitive and compassionate, but when you feel yourself absorbing lower energies, immediately stop and ask your angels to help you recognize and clear the toxic energies you absorb from others.  Once you ask for help, your angels WILL help you clear and ward off the lower energies.  Whenever you are walking into a know toxic environment, practice shielding yourself with your angels’ protective light so you do not absorb other people’s toxic energies in the future.


Affirmation:  Archangel Michael, I ask you to clear all lower energies from my mind and body that I have absorbed from other people.  And, I ask you to send healing love to those that past their toxic energies on to me.


Ear Chakras

Do your ears ring periodically?  Do you seem to hear distant sounds more easily?  Please know that your angels ARE communicating with you more frequently.  Angels communicate on at a much higher frequency than we do.  They are asking to clear your mind through quiet and reflective time so you can connect with the messages they are sending you. Watch and listen for their messages in a variety of ways—repetitive songs and numbers, out-of-the blue conversations and intuitive messages in your mind, If necessary—ask them to speak more clearly so you can hear and understand their messages.  They are anxious for you to hear them and they will accommodate your needs if you simply ask them to communicate in a way that you can easily understand them.


Affirmation:  I easily free my mind and body of all lower energies and I clearly hear and accept ALL the loving and supportive messages my angels are sending me.




You have been asking to connect more easily with your angels and spirit guides and you have asked to feel your spiritual connection to the divine.  Well, here is your answer.  The more pure and “clean” your body is, the more easily you WILL connect with your spiritual beings.  Step back and look at your life style to determine what you can do to improve your physical and emotional health.  Commit to detoxifying your body and mind, and then commit to treating your body more healthily.  YOU WILL quickly improve your ability to connect with your spiritual beings.


Affirmation: I easily hear and feel my spiritual beings’ messages and I ask Archangel Raphael to help me identify what I need to do to detoxify and heal my body and mind as I open myself completely to hear and follow my angels’ guidance about my health.



It is time for you to get outdoors and spend time with your nature angels.  Your goals in life require you stay grounded so that your life perspective is based on positive, well thought out ideas rather than emotional based reactions.  Spending time in nature is especially helpful if you are trying to manifests the material blessings you so truly deserve.  And, every chance you get, help our Mother Earth by picking up trash, planting flowers and caring for nature’s blessed creatures, which in turn will connect you to Mother Earth even more so.


Affirmation:  I love being outdoors taking care of Mother Earth and I love connecting with my nature angels.  And, I am open to receiving the divine assistance and direction they willing send me when I connect with them.


Throat Chakra

You are being called on by your angels and spiritual team to communicate and spread unconditional love.  You have important messages to share with others through the spoken and written word.  Your angels are helping you to clear and balance your throat chakra so the words you speak and write are filled with love, truth and integrity.  Please do not be fearful.  Just call on your angels often and they will give you the courage to speak clearly and to write proficiently.  Use sodalite, blue lace agate, aquamarine or aqua aura to help you open your throat chakra.


Affirmation:  Angelically inspired words flow to me easily and I embrace my mission to spread unconditional love and spiritual wisdom through the spoken and written word.


Have You Asked Your Angels for Help with This?

Sometimes you try very hard to solve complicated issues and life challenges on your own.  Occasionally, you need to call out for the well-deserved, angelic assistance that is nearby and waiting for you.   Please remember that you, like all of us, truly do deserve divine assistance when you call on your angels for assistance.  Your angels are ALWAYS very willing to help you and they love stepping in to assist you, but they do require your “permission” to help you because of your free agency.  Simply reach out and ask for their help and they WILL assist you in ways that you could never imagine.


Affirmation:  I ask you, my angels, to assist me with my life and I am open to receiving and following the divine guidance you are sending me through my dreams, intuition, signs and ideas.


Twin Flame

You have a Twin Flame!  Your Twin Flame may be of this earth or they may be one of your spiritual guides from the other side.  Either way, you and your Twin Flame are connected and united now because you have balanced your Karma.  You spent past life times together and now you get to experience the joy and support during this lifetime you are meant to provide each other.


Affirmation: I reach out to you my guardian angels and I ask you to help me feel and see my Twin Flame.  I know that my Twin Flame and I are meant to be together because we compliment and support each other in a perfect spiritual way.