The Fishes

February 20 to

March 20



Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Healing With The Fairies

Oracle Deck



It is time to start a daily Mirror Therapy practice.  Have you stepped back lately and looked in the mirror with the expressed intent to recognize and celebrate the beauty inside yourself?  Your angels love many, many things about you and now it is time to remind yourself how beautiful you are inside-and-out.  Starting today, your angels want you to take a few moments each day expressing and affirming all of your positive characteristics, perfect habits and loving actions, which in turn will help you appreciate more fully who you are and the beautiful world we live in. 


Affirmation: I am a kind and beautiful perfect being.  I give freely of my heart and myself.  I know that being here adds love, joy, beauty and peace to those around me and I love and accept myself fully.


Higher Consciousness

Be open to receiving spiritual gifts of peace, comfort and love.  You will continue to receive information and direction through your dreams, meditation and prayers that will help you to connect easily with your higher consciousness.  Be prepared because once you experience what it feels like to connect with your higher consciousness, your life will change in ways you cannot imagine.  Just reach out to accept the spiritual gifts you are being offered, knowing that you are worthy to receive and to embrace the next phase of your spiritual life.


Affirmation:  I am open to receiving and following the guidance my spiritual team is sending me.  I am so excited to feel true peace, comfort and love.


Making New Friends

Your angels want you to know that they are introducing you to like-minded people who add value and excitement to your life.  Like-minded people ARE attracted to each other and as your energy evolves to a higher, ego-free energy, your lower-energy friends of past will fade from your life.  These new people in your life are people you can trust and a few of those people will become very trusted friends over time.


Affirmation:  I am so grateful that the friends I attract are like-minded friends who respect me for who I am and I am excited that I love, respect and accept my friends from an ego-free standpoint.  In addition, it is so awesome I can share my life and my life purpose with my friends.


Trust Your Intuition

How important is it to trust your intuition?  VERY important!  Your accurate intuition is a direct result of your divine connection with your angels.  You have opened up to your angels and you have learned to surrender and release your cares and worries to them.  Now they are inspiring you with divine knowledge and direction that WILL give you to the answers you seek about your life.  Trust your angels and you WILL trust your intuition.


Affirmation:  I am very grateful for my divine intuition and I know that my intuition is a direct result of my connection and faith in my angels and Divine Creator.  I fully trust my intuition and follow it with unwavering faith.



Creating a new future through visualizations includes accepting your spiritual gifts and skills.  You already possess the many gifts you need to move forward fearlessly in life.  Your angels want you to know that it is safe to create, see, and act on visions you have during your dreams and waking hours.  Visualizing and feeling your new life as already manifested really is the key to moving forward and manifesting your dreams and goals.  See it!  Feel it!  Then, it becomes yours.


Affirmation: It is very safe for me to see and receive my spiritual gifts, and it feels good to know that my visualizations create a higher-purpose future.


Stand Your Ground

Now is NOT the time to back down or change your mind.  Speak and act on your truth because your original thoughts about this situation are divinely inspired and accurate.  You truly know what your honest desires and wishes are, and please know that you are being guided by your angels to follow your desires.  Do not allow outside influences to alter the divine path you have chosen because as you live your truth, others will see the wisdom of your decisions and reach out to support you.


Affirmation: I choose to trust my intuition and stand my ground because my “truths” and path are divinely inspired by my angels.



Perhaps you have been too serious lately about what is going on in your life.  It is time to lighten up!  YES, please do lightened up and allow yourself to have some fun time.  Your angels are asking you to go out and have fun because when you allow yourself to have fun and laugh, you relax and your energy becomes more positive and productive.  Laughter and fun WILL serve and promote your higher purpose in a way you have not felt or noticed for a long time.


Affirmation: I look for, and welcome, the humor and fun that life offers, and I am happy that humor lightens my heart and life-challenges.