The Fishes

February 20 to

March 20


Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance

interpreted & written

by Gary P. Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Saints & Angels

Oracle Deck



Guardian Angel

Remember how as a child you believed all things were possible?  You were full of imagination that took you to far away places that were free of self-limiting beliefs.  It is time to pay attention to that inner child in you and believe that all things are possible because the reality is—they are possible!  Call on your angels to help you recapture that youthful sense of joy and innocence and ask them to help you experience once again, the faith that comes with childhood.  When you allow yourself to feel that youthful faith, solutions and answers for your challenges flow to you easily.  This is also a message for those of you are feeling prompted to help our children from all over the world.  If you are feeling those promptings, please honor them and reach out to the children. 


Affirmation:  I am so grateful and appreciative that I am honoring my inner child and that I am teaming up with my angels to recapture my inner child faith so that I can move forward in life fearlessly.



Guardian Angel

This message from your angels is all about movement—body movement!  It is time to get out and walk, hike or exercise.  Movement is what brings you fresh ideas and strength, which is exactly what your body and mind are craving right now.  Moreover, you will quickly discover than when you move your body, your life suddenly starts moving forward again in a very positive direction.  It is very important to use physical movement to send your affirmations out to the Universe (moving meditation).  You will find that your affirmations have a ton of extra energy when you use physical movement to launch them.  It is also a message about being angelically supported with a move in a different direction with relationships, home or career.  Your changes WILL bring positive forward movement to your life.


Affirmation:  I love using physical movement to relieve stress, redirect my thoughts in a positive way and to launch my affirmations to the Universe.  With each breath I take, I can feel my affirmations materializing into my new reality and I know that if I move in a different direction with my life, I AM totally supported. 



Guardian Angel

Through prayer and faith, you will find the guidance for the situation you are facing and you will receive the answers for the questions you are asking.  Have faith that all prayers are answered through your Divine Source.  Be sure that in your prayers you ask that everything is resolved for the good of all and it shall be so!  Moreover, if you need help trusting the power of prayer, call on your angels to fill you with faith and a belief that all prayers are answered.  Finally, please know that you are, in all ways, worthy to receive the help you seek through your prayers.


Affirmation:  I am very grateful that I believe in the power of prayer and I loving trust my divine source to answer my prayers in a way that benefits everyone involved.


Wise Decision

Guardian Angel

You have NOTHING to fear!  The decisions you have made recently, and are about to make, are divinely guided and correct!  Your ENTIRE team of angels and spiritual guides are with you 24/7 to help you make the correct decisions in your life.  They are leading you down a path that will bring you and those you love well-deserved blessings.  Trust your angels and your inner wisdom whenever you are faced with difficult decisions and you will find divinely guided solutions very quickly. 


Affirmation:  I am so happy and excited that my team of spiritual guides and angles are with me every step of the way and I know without any doubt that whenever I need them, THEY ARE here to help me.


Healthful Eating

St. Raphael, the Archangel

It is time to step back and evaluate your health from a diet standpoint.  If you have been consciously improving your diet, keep up the good work and do not allow yourself to slip back into old harmful eating and drinking patterns.  If you need to improve your health through diet changes, call on Archangel Raphael, the healing archangel of Heaven, and the overseer of YOUR guardian angels, to help you alter your diet to eliminate unhealthy foods and chemicals.  The increased energy and improved outlook on life you have been seeking will be increase dramatically as you improve your diet!


Affirmation:  I love my increased physical and emotional energy.  I am very grateful that I easily resist eating foods and drinking drinks that do not serve my higher self.  It is so exciting to feel better than I have ever felt and I love the way I look because of how I am taking care of my body in all ways!


Look Deeper

Guardian Angel

You need more information to make the important decisions facing you.  To find the answers you seek, it is necessary to look inside yourself deeper during intentful meditation.  Meditation is necessary because it will help clear your mind and help put you in a receptive state so you understand the messages your angels will bring you very shortly.  Trust that your angels will help you look below the surface to understand fully what you are facing.  When you do this, the answers will become very clear and your inner guidance system will let you know that your decisions are the correct ones.


Affirmation: I easily quiet and open my mind during meditation so I can hear and understand the messages my angels are sending me.  I am very grateful to hear and understand the messages I am sent.



Guardian Angel

It is so beautiful and wonderful to feel optimistic and you have every reason to be optimistic.  Your angels are behind the scenes helping you manifest what is best for you.  Please trust them and keep smiling so everyone can see and FEEL your positive side.  Your positive side is very powerful and easily manifests the wonderful, love-filled blessings you truly deserve.  Moreover, what is cool is that your optimism is extremely contagious.  You automatically become a healer when you allow your optimism to be felt by those in desperate need of hope.  So, please continue to stay optimistic and continue to share your positive energy with others because YOU ARE making a difference in other people’s lives.


Affirmation:  I LOVE going to bed and waking up each day with divinely guided optimism and I know that without a doubt my optimism manifests wonderful blessings for my loved ones and me.  I ask that everyone I meet feel my optimism about life and for them.