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All angel messages and affirmation are original messages written by Gary.

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The Lion

July 23 to

August 22


Spiritual Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Frese

inspired by

Dr. D. Virtue’s

Angel Therapy

Oracle Deck



You and the energetic healing power crystals provide go together very well. Not everyone connects with crystals, by you do.  If you already own healing crystals, take time to cleanse and clear your crystals on a regular basis so their healing power remains strong.  If you do not own your own healing crystals, you are asked to visit a store that sells crystals.  Ask your angels to help you choose the crystals that are perfect for you.  This is also a message to work with Crystal Children to help them accept and develop their extraordinary divine gifts.  They are truly are very few experiences in life that surpass helping these young, vibrant and very spiritually aware children


Affirmation: I easily feel and accept the healing power crystals have to offer me.  I choose to use my crystals as a tool to heal myself and to discover and expand my higher-consciousness.


Power Animal

You have at least one Spiritual Power Animal who is here as your guide to protect, teach and comfort you.  Your Power Animal could be a living or deceased pet or you may have a very special connection with certain types of wild animals or birds.  Your Power Animals are placed in your life to help you stay grounded and connected to Mother Earth.  Open your heart and you WILL hear and feel the angelically inspired messages your animal(s) is communicating to you.


Affirmation: I easily connect with nature while I listen with my heart and mind for the messages my Spiritual Power Animals are sending me and while I am in nature, I open myself to discovering the new Power Animals my angels send to guide and comfort me.


Singing and Dancing

It is time to set life’s challenges aside while you allow your inner child to emerge and celebrate the beauty and joy you are creating in your life.  Sing, dance and listen to music and notice how quickly your life-perspective improves and how easily your creative side opens up and blossoms.  It is also a great time to allow your inner Goddess to emerge and shine so you can feel the full effect of the feminine divinity your inner source radiates.


Affirmation:  I LOVE MY LIFE!  I allow myself to feel the beauty life offers me and I easily release my burdens to my angels so I can sing and dance my cares away.


Third Eye Chakra

You are blessed with the gift of clairvoyance and ancient wisdom.  Your angels are sending you encouraging and spiritual messages about your future through visions that play out like movies in your mind.  They are helping you to discover and refine your gift so you can use it to help others as well as yourself.  Please accept this gift and know that these visions ARE NOT the result of an overactive imagination.  This is also a message to encourage you to clear away the fears and lower energies that stop you from fully realizing your clairvoyant gift.   Use lapis, amethyst, azurite or sapphire to help you open your third eye.


Affirmation: I accept my gift of clairvoyance and I choose to clear my mind and third chakra of all fears so I can fully embrace my gift in a way that serves my higher self.



You have the natural ability to connect with your own as other and other people’s loved deceased ones through your visions, dreams and thoughts.  This truly is a gift because those you connect with ARE spiritual guides who choose to make themselves available to help you and those who reach out for your help.  Call on your angels to help you trust your gift and intuition so you can use your gift in a fearless way.


Affirmation: I call on you Archangel Michael to help me connect fearlessly with those loved deceased ones who reach out to communicate through me.  And I thank you Archangel Michael for helping me clearly understand the messages and for protecting me during my Mediumship experiences.



Working with, or rearing, an Indigo child is part of your divine life purpose and mission.  Although it may be challenging to live or work with these gifted and sensitive children, please know that you have extra angelic support when you ask for it because your mission is so very important for our spiritual future.  Embrace your mission and help these young people realize that they are natural-born leaders that will help heal Mother Earth and assists our world to evolve spiritually.


Affirmation: I fully embrace my mission to help Indigo children and I take comfort in knowing that my angels are with me every step of the way giving me the strength and guidance to help guide these children in a very positive way.



The divine truth is that your parents eternally love you to the best of their ability.  Regardless of what it looks or feels like, embrace your relationship with them with gratitude.  Your angels are here to help you heal from all childhood experiences you may have had that hold you back from being the awesome person you are meant to be.  Regardless of your relationship with your parents (both really good and not-so-good relationships), your angels will help you see and use the positive life lessons you learned from them in a way that benefits you and others in your life. 


Affirmation:  Archangel Michael I call on you to help me to surrender and release my lower-energy childhood experiences and I ask you to cut those emotional attachments and replace them with loving and grateful thoughts.  I am forever grateful for ALL experiences I shared with my parents.