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Astrological Sign

and Day of Week

Spiritual Guidance and Affirmations

by Gary Paul Frese

Inspired by Dr. Doreen Virtue’s

Saints and Angels Oracle Deck


The Lion

July 23 to

August 22



St. Dymphna

It is important for you at this time to recognize and honor your emotions so you can manage them effectively.  It really is okay to feel the lows with the highs as you move forward in your life.  The lows are a sign that you need to either step back and redirect your energy towards more positive thoughts or recognize that you are trying to force success rather than allowing it to come to you.  When you experiencing these challenging emotions, call on your angels and St. Dymphna (patron saint of mental health) to help you surrender and release all lower-energy emotions to them so they can help you more easily.


Affirmation: I easily recognize my shift in emotions and I honor that my emotional shift is a sign that I need to step back and redirect my energy toward positive thoughts.  I LOVE being able to surrender and release these emotions to my angels to manage because they are the best when it comes to helping me become more positive!



Guardian Angel

You are being asked by your spiritual team and your angels to stop and pause before moving forward with the situation you are involved in.  Sometimes you are moving so fast physically, emotionally and mentally that you may confuse yourself or others about the direction you are going.  Quiet your mind through meditation, nature walks or even a long bubble bath.  This will help you be more honest with yourself about what you really want to accomplish.  Take time to consider the options you have, and most importantly, DO NOT allow yourself to be influenced by other people’s agendas.  Be true to yourself and the path you are on will become VERY clear and a successful outcome WILL BE yours.


Affirmation:  I am very grateful that I can easily calm my anxiousness about the situation I am involved in and I am appreciative that when I slow down to receive divine guidance, the correct and most successful  solutions for everyone involved come to me easily.


Practice Makes Perfect

Guardian Angel

Your angels are sending you messages to improve on your existing passion or to follow through on a new passion.  In addition, they are telling you that through practice, practice and more practice—YOU WILL become very good at what you are learning.  Call on your angels to help you to become very good at what you passionately love doing.  Whatever it is you need--more time to practice, increased motivation, courage to do it or good old fashion inspiration, they will give you exactly what you need.  Just stop and ask your angels for the support you need to continue and THEY WILL help you create the time, motivation and mindset that you need to improve your skills.


Affirmation:  I love the passion I have for my new interests and I love how each time I practice I become better at what I love doing.  I am very grateful to my angels for giving me the time, motivation and courage to keep practicing and I know that I soon will master my new passion.



Guardian Angel

You DO have the intuitive ability to see a clear path for your future as well as other people’s future.  Your angels want you to know that you have a gift that allows you to envision your true spiritual and life path and you do receive messages for yourself and others through clear, vivid visions.  Through quiet meditation, call on your angels to develop or further develop your gift.


Affirmation: I fearlessly accept my divine gift and ability for clearly seeing the future.  I am grateful that I can use this gift to help others and myself in an ego-free way.


Wise Decision

Guardian Angel

You have NOTHING to fear!  The decisions you have made recently, and are about to make, are divinely guided and correct!  Your ENTIRE team of angels and spiritual guides are with you 24/7 to help you make the correct decisions in your life.  They are leading you down a path that will bring you and those you love well-deserved blessings.  Trust your angels and your inner wisdom whenever you are faced with difficult decisions and you will find divinely guided solutions very quickly. 


Affirmation:  I am so happy and excited that my team of spiritual guides and angles are with me every step of the way and I know without any doubt that whenever I need them, THEY ARE here to help me.


You’re a Leader

Guardian Angel


Your angels are reaching out to you to help you embrace your life-purpose to help others through service.  You are very respected by others.  People look up to you and they look to you for loving guidance and healing.  Moreover, they trust you to lead them because you come from a place of unconditional love.  Call on your angels to help you develop your leadership skills or to improve your existing leadership skills so you can lovingly assist many people with their spiritual and earthly journey.


Affirmation:  I humbly embrace my divinely inspired leadership abilities and I ask my spiritual team to help me heal people emotionally or physically through ego-free, unconditional love.


Blessings of Abundance

Guardian Angel

DO NOT abandon your daily affirmations for increased abundance.  Give your fears about abundance to your spiritual beings because your prayers have been heard by your angels and Divine Creator.  Replace the feeling of not having with gratitude and affirmations about what you have and will create. Your angels are working behind the scene to bring you the abundance you have asked for and truly do deserve.  Remember that is very important to visualize and feel as if your newfound abundance is here now because it is!


Affirmation:  I easily feel and express my gratitude for all the blessings my spiritual beings provide me and I know without a doubt that my affirmations create a new reality full of love and abundance.