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All angel messages and affirmation are original messages written by Gary.

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The Lion

July 23 to

August 22


Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance

interpreted & written

by Gary P. Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Magical Mermaids & Dolphins

Oracle Deck


Consult an Expert

You are facing a situation that requires you make a difficult decision.  This is one of those times when your angels are advising you seek help.  If it is earthly help you need, they will make sure you are guided to the correct person or organization that can best help you make a decision.  And, of course, if it is spiritual help you need, your Spiritual Team is here to guide and direct you.  You just need to reach out and ask for their help and they will immediately go to work to help you.  Please know that you cannot make a wrong decision if you allow heaven to help you.


Affirmation: I am grateful that I easily allow my Spiritual Team to assist me in making my decision.  I know without a doubt that they will lead me to the right person to help me and I know they are here assisting me now on all levels.


Make a Decision

Sometimes it so hard to make that all important decision we need to make because we worry about the unknown outcomes that come with our decision.  This is one of those times when your strong connection with your angels will help you immensely.  You need not lose any more sleep wondering what to do. Your angels are standing by ready and willing to help give you the guidance you need to make the best decision for you and everyone involved.  Please know this—it is impossible to make a wrong decision when you call on your Spiritual Team for help. 


Affirmation: I am so grateful that I have my angels support in making my all important decision.  I know that without a doubt they will lead me to the correct and best decision for everyone involved.  I 100% TRUST the angelic guidance I receive.



Self-employment suits you and your personality.  Working for other people limits your possibilities and restricts your free-spirit.  Now is the time to start that new business you have been thinking about or expand an existing business you own and operate.  Put all worries aside about being successful because your angels are guarantying you that you WILL BE successful because what you have in mind will help other people with their life challenges.  The world is waiting for you to own your power and to share your wisdom and guidance. You WILL BE successful!


Affirmation: I happily give all my worries and concerns about being successful in my new business to my angels. There is doubt in my mind that they will guide and protect me as I step into the world of self-employment.  I love being successful! 


A New Dawn

You have worked hard to accept and release the past so you can effortlessly move forward in a positive new direction.  You have earned the right to expect and create new beginnings that bring you and your loved ones happiness, peace and self-appreciation.  Each new day, each new “dawn” gives you the opportunity to start fresh with positive expectations.  Call on your angels whenever you want an extra boost to help you visualize and “feel” the new beginnings you want to create. 


Affirmation: I am so excited that I can easily visualize and “feel” my new future.  I know that the key to creating my beautiful new future lies in allowing myself to indulge in feeling every aspect of the new reality I AM creating.  “I feel, therefore I am…”


Watch Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are extra powerful right now and like the angel number 11 tells us, it is important to focus your thoughts on all things in a positive way because whatever you are thinking, positive or negative, your thoughts WILL manifest quickly into your new reality.  If you ask your angels to help you gain a positive approach and outlook for everything that is occurring in your life, they will help you gain a positive outlook and they will strongly remind you if your thoughts turn negative. 


Affirmation: I am grateful my angels are helping me remain positive about everything in my life.  I love how my negative thoughts are automatically redirected towards what is positive and beautiful in my life.  It feels so good to see the bright side in everything I do and think.



Can Susie come out and play?  Remember when life was full of fun times with your young friends and when playing with your friends was the highlight of your day?  It IS time to rekindle that inner child feeling with your grownup friends.  It has been too long since you stepped out of your “responsible role” to let loose and have fun with your friends.  Your angels are here to let you know that they will watch over your family and other responsibilities while you “go out and play”. Please know that you deserve to have fun and act a bit carefree every once in awhile.  In fact, especially now, it is essential to your mental and emotional well-being that you take time out to play.


Affirmation: I am so excited that I can take time for me to go out and have guilt-free fun and I know that my Spiritual Team is watching over the rest of my life and its responsibilities while I have fun.


Have Faith

“Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.”  Wow.  Is this ever true!  Many of us want our angels to write a life script for us so we know exactly what we are suppose to do and when we are suppose to do it.  Or, we want them to at least give us a hint of what to expect.  Well, that would just take all the fun out of life if that were the case.  Hoping for what you want, and KNOWING you can manifest that want, is what makes us stronger and gives us the drive to expect more out of ourselves and life.  No matter what is going on in your life at this time, please know that Faith is required to move ahead and to manifest the outcome you desire.  It IS true that Faith is rewarded!


Affirmation:  I love having Faith in myself, the Universe and my Divine Creator because I know that with Faith anything is possible, especially when it comes to creating miracles.  I love creating miracles in my life and other people’s lives!