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All angel messages and affirmation are original messages written by Gary.

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The Lion

July 23 to

August 22


The Archangels

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Archangel Oracle Deck


Archangel Azrael

Hello from Heaven

You have an extraordinary connection with your loved ones and spiritual guides from the other side.  Your loved ones want you to know that they are doing great and are living a peaceful, loving existence.  They also want to know and feel that they are ALWAYS close by and ready to help you whenever you need them or call on them.  And, they want you to know that they are working closely with your guardian angels to help you in every way possible.  Archangel Azrael’s aura is creamy vanilla, and wearing or carrying yellow calcite will help you connect with him and the angelic realm.


Affirmation:  I know that I am NEVER alone because my loved ones, spirit guides and angels are always with me guiding and protecting me.


Archangel Jeremiel

Life Review

Every once in a while, it is very important to step back and courageously review your life.  Are you where you want to be?  Are you in relationships that are good for you?  Are you involved in helping others and pursuing your divine passions?  If you are, rejoice and share your success with others.  If not, now is the perfect time to commit to changing what ever does not feel good in your life.  Archangel Jeremiel is here to help you with that immediately.  He is sending you messages through your intuition, dreams and many other ways to let you know it is the perfect time to embrace change.  Trust him and your angels and YOU WILL clearly see what and how to move forward fearlessly.  Archangel Jeremiel’s aura is deep eggplant purple.  Wear or carry amethyst to feel Archangel Jeremiel’s energy and support.


Affirmation: I am courageously looking at my life and I am able to identify lower-energy life patterns that I need to eliminate.  I am very excited and grateful I am making the necessary changes that will help me manifest happiness.


Archangel Raguel

Divine Order

Everything is happening in perfect and divine order.  Archangel Raguel and your angels are working hard to help you create a win-win situation with solutions that everyone will agree with.  It is VERY important to look past the misconception that certain problems cannot be solved.  It is also VERY important that ALL thoughts, conversations and affirmations are geared towards the new reality you want to create.  Archangel Raguel’s aura is pale-blue and wearing or carrying an aquamarine crystal will align you with his love and guidance.


Affirmation:  I release all fears to my celestial beings and I move forward fearlessly with faith because I know that everything is taking place in divine order, as it should!


Archangel Michael

You are Safe

The great and powerful warrior Archangel Michael is with you helping you to create a feeling of safety.  The truth is YOU ARE safe.  Feeling safe or unsafe is a choice.  You are encouraged to make a decision right now to feel safe no matter what it is you are facing in life.  So, let go of your fears and allow yourself to see and feel the bright, loving light that Archangel Michael is surrounding you and your loved ones with right now.  Focus on this light, and the love that comes with it and YOU WILL feel safe again.  Archangel Michael’s aura is royal blue and royal purple.  Wear or carry Sugalite to feel, and benefit from, his power and energy.


Affirmation:  I know that I am totally protected by Archangel Michael and his band of angels and I know that when I release my fears to Archangel Michael, he will help protect me and make me feel safe.


Archangel Sandalphon Gentleness

At this time in your life, it is very important that you treat yourself and others with gentleness and kindness.  Make sure that you surround yourself with the loving energy of like-minded people who know and understand how important it is to love and accept everyone.  Avoid all harsh people and situations, and if there is a person or situation in your life that is not good for you, now is the time to ask Archangel Sandalphon to help you see the other person/situation with total love.  Moreover, if you are meant to walk away, he will help you do that also.  Wear or carry turquoise and you will feel Archangel Sandalphon’s strength and love as you move forward fearlessly.


Affirmation:  I choose to treat others and myself with gentleness and love.  I totally accept and love myself for who I am and I will no longer give my power away to people and stations that are not good for me.


Archangel Azrael


You spend so much of your time caring for and comforting others, but now it it’s time for you to be open to being comforted and taken care of as you take time out for yourself. Whenever you need his comfort and protection, Archangel Azrael is ready to send you his love and support.  Just stop, and ask for him to be by your side and he’ll immediately be there for you.  Archangel Azrael will also help you face your true feelings about any situation you are involved in with strength and courage.  Archangel Azrael’s aura is creamy vanilla and wearing or carrying yellow calcite will help comfort you.


Affirmation:  I easily recognize and honor my true feelings when I need to be comforted It feels so  good to be comforted instead being the comforter.  I surrender and release all feelings to my angels knowing that through my release I will be comforted and protected.


Archangel Gabriel

Creative Writing

You ARE a gifted writer and YOUR words ARE very important to many people.  It is time to get busy NOW because so many people can and will benefit from your divine knowledge.  Do not let insecurities hold you back and do not allow ego-based, lower-energy experiences make you think you are not worthy and qualified to help others through your words.  All of your experiences, no matter what your perception of them is, were necessary to get you to where you are now.  Please expedite this request because everyday you delay--is a day that more people go without your divine guidance.  Archangel Gabriel’s aura is copper.  Wear or carry copper or citrine to connect with Archangel Gabriel. 


Affirmation: I embrace and gratefully acknowledge my divine gift to write and speak to others and I know that my words will help many people find their spiritual path and divine purpose.  I choose to move forward without delay.