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All angel messages and affirmation are original messages written by Gary.

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The Lion

July 23 to

August 22


Spiritual Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Messages From Your Angels

Oracle Deck



Life is full of never-ending changes and you are facing a major decision with either your career, living accommodations or with a relationship.  Whatever the change is you are thinking about making, your angels and spiritual team are with you now to help you make the correct decision that will benefit you and your loved ones.  Release the need to control the outcome while you trust YOUR angels and your own intuition and YOU WILL be led to the perfect solution that will bring you peace, happiness and love.


Affirmation: I easily release and surrender, to my angels, the need to control the decisions I am in the mist of making.  I know that I am being divinely guided and protected while they help me create the PERFECT solution and outcome.



Daniel is the angel who helps marriages and partnerships of any kind, both personal and business-wise.  He and the angels are here now to help you improve your partnerships and to help you overcome any partnership challenges you may be experiencing.  Place your hand on your heart, breathe deeply, release your breath and ask that all lower-energy surrounding your partnerships be released so you can move forward in a positive way with unconditional love.


Affirmation: I am very grateful that I have so much angelic support to help me with my life relationships and I willingly and enthusiastically release all concerns to my angels as they help me resolve my relationships in a positive way.



Congratulations!  Success is yours!  The new venture or opportunity you are considering is divinely guided by your angels.  Your angels want you to know that now is the perfect time to Go For It.  Release your fears to them about pursuing new opportunities, and they will immediately help guide, protect and comfort you while you visualize and create your newfound dreams and goals.


Affirmation:  I am so excited because I AM creating a successful life and I AM manifesting my dreams and goals.  I am especially grateful that I feel and accept my angels help as I embrace and create my new life.



Your mind loves to learn and grow.  It is time now to educate yourself in all possible ways.  Whether it is traditional or spiritual education you desire, take time now to enroll in school or special classes, seminars and retreats.  Feel and see yourself as successfully completing your education and it shall be so!  And, know that your angels are helping you create the resources you need to use your education to help others create a better life for themselves and their loved ones.


Affirmation:  I love educating myself and I am so grateful that I easily learn and retain everything I choose to learn.  I love using my education to help others improve their lives.



You have heard the call to reach out as you use your gifts to help others heal.  Please know that you do have an important life mission as a spiritual healer and teacher.  Do not worry about how you will teach because when you reach out and ask your angels for help—they WILL respond with loving guidance that will lead you to discover whether your teaching and healing work will consist of writing, speaking, healing others physically or counseling others.  Reach out and embrace your gifts because the world needs you to share your gifts and unconditional love now!


Affirmation: I know that a large part of my life purpose involves helping other people heal emotionally or physically and I know and appreciate that my angels are guiding me down a path that gives me the resources to follow this divinely guided path.



It’s time for you to trust yourself and your Spiritual Beings.  Do not take no for an answer regarding anything you are trying to change or accomplish because miraculous solutions WILL appear soon.  Your angels want you to realize that you are definitely on the right path and compromising your convictions will only water-down what you are manifesting.  And, most definitely resist the urge to compromise to just please others.  It’s your turn to shine so keep charging ahead and go for it!


Affirmation:  I surrender and release ALL lower energies and thoughts as I enthusiastically charge ahead embracing the new reality and life I have created.  I am so grateful and excited as I watch my new opportunities unfold like magic before my eyes.



Stop procrastinating.  Trust yourself and your angels!  You are in touch with your inner-source and you know what action you need to take in your life.  It may seem frightening or you may be worried about how others may react, but your angels are with you to give you comfort and strength to move forward fearlessly.  Focus your actions and decisions on love and light and many doors of opportunity will open for you miraculously.


Affirmation: I surrender and release my fears to my angels NOW and I am very excited that they are helping me move forward in a confident and courageous way that benefits others and myself in a positive way.