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All angel messages and affirmation are original messages written by Gary.

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The Lion

July 23 to

August 22



Guidance Card

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written

by Gary Paul Frese

inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s

Healing With The Fairies

Oracle Deck


Kick Up Your Heels

You ARE a fun person when you allow your inner child to come out and play.  It is definitely time to stop and get off life’s roller coaster for a while.  You have been working hard, and your angels are telling you that now is the time to gather your friends and / or family around you to have a bit of fun.  Take a “time-out” from life to celebrate life and the love and joy life has to offer.  When you do this and you allow your inner child to come out to experience life’s fun moments, you will be rejuvenated instantly, which results in a positive perspective about the life you have and are creating.


Affirmation: It is okay for me to be less serious about life occasionally and it is okay for me to take time out to celebrate life with my friends and family.  I LOVE LIFE AND I LOVE HAVING FUN!



No matter what you face today, look for situations where you can express kindness and love for other people.  If you are open to showing kindness and love, your angels will provide many opportunities to share yourself.  It might be the neighbor who needs a small favor or an elderly person at the grocery store who could use your help.  It could also be that “other driver” who is running late who needs a dose of your kindness instead of anger.  Whoever it may be that needs your kindness; stop and share your loving heart and watch how your actions instantly improve other people’s lives and dispositions as well as your own.


Affirmation: I am a kind and loving person who looks for opportunities to show kindness towards others.


Higher Consciousness

Be open to receiving spiritual gifts of peace, comfort and love.  You will continue to receive information and direction through your dreams, meditation and prayers that will help you to connect easily with your higher consciousness.  Be prepared because once you experience what it feels like to connect with your higher consciousness, your life will change in ways you cannot imagine.  Just reach out to accept the spiritual gifts you are being offered, knowing that you are worthy to receive and to embrace the next phase of your spiritual life.


Affirmation:  I am open to receiving and following the guidance my spiritual team is sending me.  I am so excited to feel true peace, comfort and love.


Inner Child

Take time out today to observe how beautiful, fun-loving and trusting small children are when they have no cares or worries.  You need to learn from them how to play again and how it feels to let the inner child in you experience the joy of life.  Call on your angels to help you create the time and energy to have fun.  Also, create an “inner child” area in your home that shows pictures and personal memorabilia of your happy childhood.  Visit this place often.  You will be glad you did because allowing yourself time to feel and remember your joyful and happy childhood, will help you create a more positive perspective about your life.


Affirmation: I easily allow myself time to play because I know that experiencing healthy playtime helps me appreciation my beautiful and perfect life.


Honoring Your

True Feelings

Above all else, be true to your higher self.  You know what you need to do in life to honor your true desires and feelings!  Moreover, you know it is time to stop giving your power away to your fears and other people’s expectations for you.  Trust the guidance you are receiving from your angels because the trustworthy guidance you are receiving will allow you to clearly see and understand your true feelings.  Honor those feelings and your life’s journey will be more rewarding and satisfying.


Affirmation: I am willingly allowing my true self to emerge and shine because I know that I am receiving divine guidance that allows me to express my true feelings safely.


Breaking Free

Do you feel trapped or restricted in life by your fears, a lack of self-confidence, a lack of money, a less than fulfilling career, or people’s opinions about what you should or should not do in life?  In reality, there are no restrictions in life, other than the restrictions you create, that can hold you back.  It is time to turn to your angels and spiritual team to ask for their help.  They are standing by waiting for you to ask for their help.  Know that they WILL help you break free so you can create and live the life you truly deserve to live.  Remember that to break free; you must consciously take action that reinforces your desire to change your habits and thinking pattern.


Affirmation: I am the creator of my life experiences and I choose to free myself from all self-limiting beliefs and restrictions that others or I try to impose on me.


Creative Expression

Your heart and soul yearns to release and express beautiful emotions through a creative or artistic project.  Call on your angels to remove all obstacles from your life that stop you from creatively expressing yourself.  You will be glad that you did because the more you express yourself creatively, the easier it is to see your life path and the easier it is to make important life changes and decisions.


Affirmation: I easily express my highly creative side and I am happy that through my creative expression, I can share my unconditional love for life with others.