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The Lion

July 23 to

August 22


The Ascended Masters

Spiritual Guidance

interpreted and written by Gary Paul Frese

Inspired by Dr. D. Virtue’s Ascended Masters Oracle Deck


Come out of

the Closet



Amaterasu is the Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess who was sent to Heaven by her parents because she was so bright and radiant.  She helps all who call on her for assistance with their self-esteem and those who want help declaring their true beliefs and personal choices.


You have been hiding your beliefs and opinions from others for way too long.  It is time for you to show everyone what your heart-felt feelings and beliefs are and it is time to release, to your angels, all fear and concerns about who you are and what you believe in.  THEY WILL guide you down a safe path as you declare to the world what your true beliefs have been and are today.  This applies to any situation or aspect of your life that you have been keeping from others.  This is especially true if your calling in life is based on serving other people in non-traditional ways.


AFFIRMATION: I am so excited that I AM comfortable with my personal beliefs and thoughts.  And, I am very grateful I am being DIVINELY guided to share my beliefs and opinions with others because when I share—I help others accept their true selves, which is part of my life’s purpose.


Focus upon Your Strengths


Apollo is the Greek sun God who is the son of Zeus and Apollo is known for his physical strength.  However, he also helps those who call on him to gain emotional and intellectual strength.


Put your perceived weaknesses aside and realize that you are very capable of overcoming any and all life challenges.  Look past the illusions your mind has created that stop you from using your natural strength and know that your angels are with you to help you tap into your natural power and strength.  You are also asked to focus on your strengths in a way that allows you to use it to help other people heal emotionally and physically.


AFFIRMATION: I am blessed with an unlimited source of inner strength that allows me to overcome any life challenges I encounter.


You are Seeing this Situation Accurately


Horus is the Egyptian falcon-headed sky and sun God.  He helps all who call on him to see the truth accurately and clearly.  He also helps remove all self-doubt about what you are seeing and feeling.


It IS time to trust your gut feeling and your intuition.  DO NOT worry about what others may think of what you have to say or what your decisions concerning important life events may be.  You are being guided by your angels to set any self-doubt aside while you feel and speak the truth.  Believe it or not, you already know what to do.  You just need to step back, calm yourself and breathe in and out slowly while you move fearlessly forward with the truth.


AFFIRMATION: I am very grateful to my angels for showing me the truth for the situation I am concerned about today.  I am excited that I trust the messages I am getting.  And, I know without a doubt I AM seeing the situation accurately.


Retreat into Nature

Green Man

The Green Man can be found in carvings and paintings across Europe and India.  He helps all who call on him to increase their connection to the spirit of nature.


Your angels want you to spend more time outdoors because the healing power of nature will revitalize your energy and enthusiasm for life.  The outdoors is also the perfect place to meditate and to receive divine messages from your celestial beings the nature angels.  If outdoor weather is an issue, then pop in a CD that plays nature sounds and then allow yourself to escape into the outdoors so you can easily connect with your nature angels.


AFFIRMATION: I easily find my center and inspiration when I spend time outdoors quieting my mind and listening to the loving angelic messages my nature angels send me.


Stay Focused


Kuthumi was a Sikh spiritual leader who lived in India during the 1800s.  When called on, he helps people to motivate themselves and to stay focused on their priorities and divine purpose. 


It is time to focus on your true desires and your divine passion.  Prioritize your life-tasks so you know what must be worked on first, and then call on your angels for assistance because they will help you create the knowledge, time and energy you need to complete everything in your life that is truly important for you and your spiritual growth.


AFFIRMATION: I easily focus my thoughts on what serves my higher good, which in turn allows me to focus on my most important life-tasks.


Take Charge of the Situation


The prophet Moses was a powerful, beloved and inspirational biblical leader who through his intentions parted the Red Sea and brought forth water from a boulder, and he manifested manna from Heaven. 


Whatever challenges you may have in life, NOW is the time to take charge.  When you choose to be YOU, you ARE a wise advisor and leader who is respected by those around you, and you have the ability to counsel yourself effectively.  It is time to show your power in an assertive but loving way, and if you have given your power away--it’s time to take it back.  Call on your angels to help you manage and assert your power in a way that benefits you and others.


AFFIRMATION: I am in charge of my life!  I no longer allow myself to give my power away to others, and I especially will not give my power away to my own fears! 


Drink More Water


Oshun is an African Goddess of the rivers and waters.  She helps women appreciate and respect their femininity and she helps everyone with their romantic life, self-esteem and any situation involving water.


Your angels are asking you to focus on improving your health by starting with a simple, but often ignored commitment to replace chemically saturated drinks with pure water.  You will quickly notice that your feelings of low energy, fatigue, hunger and lack of concentration will be replaced with pure and natural energy, which in turn will give you the ability to focus more clearly on what it is you want to manifest and accomplish.


AFFIRMATION: I love, honor and respect my body, and in doing so I choose a lifestyle and diet that glorifies my higher self as well as my divine purpose.