YOUR Personal Angel Numbers through the Astrological Signs

Your monthly angel numbers are special messages for you to help you during the coming month.  Look for your angel numbers wherever you go.  You may see the numbers on your clock, an address, a license plate, a telephone number or a variety of different places.  Be assured that when you see or think of your numbers, you are receiving divine messages and guidance from your Angels.  The messages for these angel numbers were interpreted and written by me, Gary Frese, based on Dr. Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers 101 book.  If you are really into angel numbers like I am, I suggest that you purchase Dr. Doreen Virtue’s book entitled Angel Numbers 101 at



Astrological Sign



 YOUR November 2014 Angel Numbers   


Angel Number Guidance Through the Signs

Inspired by Dr. Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101

Interpreted and written by Gary Paul Frese


The Ram

March 21 to

April 20

158, 319, 1221

158: Your new focus on manifesting increased income is working because of your positive affirmations and your ability to feel and visualize your newfound wealth.

319: Listen closely because you are receiving answers about your divine purpose through new ideas from the ascended masters.


1221: Give all fears to your angels and Divine Creator and know that you are a supreme manifestor.  The more positive your thoughts are, the faster you will create your new reality.


The Bull

April 21 to

May 21

182, 691, 1234

182: You will easily manifest career and financial improvements when you focus on the positive parts of your life.

691: Stay positive about your career or business because an optimistic outlook attracts success.


1234: Simplify your life by eliminating anything that does not serve your higher purpose and call on your angels to help you because they have heard, and will continue to hear, your prayers for assistance


The Twins

May 22 to

June 21

153, 857, 1399

153: Your Divine Creator and his ascended masters are with you to help you make the changes you are considering.  If you stay focused on serving others through his divine love, these changes will create happy outcomes!

857: Your financial and career concerns are being addressed because you are being guided by your angels to make the perfect changes at the perfect time.  Don’t stop before the miracle occurs.


1399: You are a lightworker and it’s time to stop procrastinating and get to work.  Your ascended masters are supporting you while you find, or expand, your divine life mission.  Visualize yourself on your divine mission and pray for guidance.


The Crab

June 22 to

July 22

72, 487, 5421

72: Have faith that you are on the right track with your manifestations because you are!


487: Know that you are on the right path and you are not imagining things.  You are hearing very accurately your angel’s guidance about your finances and career path.


5421: Your life is changing for the better.  Surrender and release your fears and trust your angels because they ARE watching over you during these challenging times.


The Lion

July 23 to

August 22

127, 154, 2358

127: You are on the correct path.  Stay focused on your positive thoughts while you continue on the path you are on right now.


154: Change is inevitable.  You can embrace change with faith or fear the change.  YOUR angels are here now to help you, through positive affirmations, create a positive and happy mind-set during this change.


2358: Abundance of all types is yours to have.  Your ascended masters have heard your prayers for abundance and for changing your life.  They are helping you now to rearrange your life in a healthy way so you can feel good about the changes and manifest the abundance you deserve.


The Virgin

August 23 to September 23

486, 696, 6213

486: Give ALL concerns and worries to your angels because they are here now to help you meet all of your financial needs and wants.


696: Focus on your spiritual calling (service to others) and ALL of your financial needs will be met.


6213: Your faith and positive thoughts are resulting in a perfect outcome for the situation you are asking about.  The Ascended Master you are close to will continue to help you while you stay positive.


The Scales

September 24 to October 23

150, 179, 5421

150: As you go through this life change, you are totally supported by your spiritual beings through your positive thoughts.

179: You are on the right path with your positive expectations.  Continue to visualize and “feel” how good it feels to live your divine life purpose and you will manifest everything you need to accomplish your purpose.


5421: Your life is changing for the better.  Surrender and release your fears and trust your angels because they ARE watching over you during these challenging times.


The Scorpion

October 24 to November 22

769, 839, 1234

769: Everything is going according to the plan because you are because you are manifesting your spiritually based career and life purpose.

839: Your spiritually based career WILL support you financially!


1234: Simplify your life by eliminating anything that does not serve your higher purpose and call on your angels to help you because they have heard, and will continue to hear, your prayers for assistance.


The Archer

November 23 to December 21

411, 731, 2471

411: Just stop and ask for help from your angels because they are ready to give you the information you need.

731: Focus your daily meditation on connecting with your divine source and you will easily keep your thoughts centered on love.


2471: Stay positive and give all fears to your angels and they want you to know that all of your prayers are being answered and rewarded.


The Goat

December 22 to January 20



237, 309, 1574

237: You are aligned with your ascended master’s loving energy as you are practice meditation and other spiritual rituals.

309: Because you have opened yourself to hearing the divine guidance being sent to you, you are embarking on, or expanding, your ability to serve others.


1574:  You are on the right path with your new ideas and actions and your angels are with you every step of the way to reassure you that life is beautiful right now.


The Water Carrier

January 21 to February 19

733, 935, 3245

733: Follow the intuitive guidance you are receiving from your celestial beings and your prayers will be answered.

The ascended masters are helping you make healthful and positive life changes so you can focus more closely on serving others through your career.


3245: A significant change is occurring.  You are totally surrounded, guided and protected by the angels, guardian angels and ascended masters.  And, because of this, the situation you are involved in will end on a positive note.


The Fishes

February 20 to

March 20

1, 59, 606

1:  You are a positive manifestor.  It is time to call on YOUR angels to help you stay positive as you realize that everything you wish for is coming true.  Just make sure your thoughts are positive so that you only attract positive outcomes.


59:  The changes you are going through are leading you to your divine purpose.  Call on YOUR angels to help calm you when you become anxious.  Staying involved in spiritual learning and activities will help you.


606:  As you center your life on spiritually guided goals, YOUR angels will help you take care of everything that concerns you.